Pakistani Women’s Human Rights Organization (PWHRO) is an organization devoted to the task of fighting for Human Rights for the women of Pakistan within the country. We also aim to bring the plight of Pakistani women to the notice of the world’s Human Rights Organizations and fight for the removal of unbelievable cruel practices like Karo-kari, Zina and Qasas and laws like Hudood Ordinance and Shariah Law which is already in effect in several places in Pakistan.

We urge the government of Pakistan to enforce viable and effective laws to curb the violence against women that occur within households and workplaces and also give assurance of their observance.

We demand that the government of Pakistan should take immediate actions to restrain the self made law of “Karo Kari” and confer strict punishment to all its practitioners.

We urge the government of Pakistan to honour their obligations under international law to protect women in the country. This can be done by immediately reviewing judicial practice and criminal laws, for instance the Qisas and Diyat law which allows men to escape criminal prosecution after murdering their female relatives. The Pakistani government should make all forms of domestic violence a criminal offence.

We appeal to the electronic media to telecast the programmes that may support Pakistani society to eliminate the self made law of “Karo Kari”, that further instigates violence against women and to promote their respect & protection and to cultivate the ethical values so that our society and country may proceed towards true progress and prosperity.

We appeal to all the social welfare organizations to start awareness programmes regarding the honor and safeguarding of the women, interfaith ethical values, and the curse of “Karo Kari” & seek its total repeal from the country.

We appeal that all reports of honour killings should be investigated and prosecuted. Wide-ranging and sustained public awareness programs should also be carried out to inform all Pakistanis of womens equal rights. In particular, law enforcement and judicial personnel should be trained in order to address impartially complaints of violence committed in the name of honour.