July 2017

Balochistan: Pakistani state atrocities continue, several abducted from Turbat

Pakistani forces have abducted at least 17 people from Tump and Balgtar areas of Turbat Balochistan on Wednesday. According to detail the Pakistan Frontier Corps (FC) and army carried out joint offensives in Pull Abad [...]

Pakistan: Village council ‘revenge’ rape order must prompt urgent reforms

The rape of a teenage girl ordered by a village council in ‘revenge’ for a rape allegedly committed by her brother is the latest in a long series of horrific incidents and must lead to [...]

June 2017

A dearth of female journalists in Balochistan

The lack of women journalists in the newsrooms of conservative Pakistan is depriving more than half the country of representation and a voice in the media. In larger metropolitan areas, you will come across a [...]

May 2017

Study in Pakistan Finds 40% Women Harassed Online

Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch known for her bold online presence who was killed by her brother, the five young girls who were murdered by their family when a video of them dancing and laughing went viral, the 16-year-old [...]

Woman, 19, is sentenced to death by stoning for adultery after she was ‘raped at gunpoint by her cousin’ in Pakistan

A 19-year-old woman has been sentenced to death in Pakistan after she accused her cousin of raping her at gunpoint. The woman said she was asleep at her family home in Rajanpur, in the country's central Punjab [...]

Baloch Republican Party protests outside Pak Embassy in London

The Baloch Republican Party (BRP) on Saturday held demonstrations outside the Pakistan Embassy in London against growing atrocities by the state's Army in Balochistan. These atrocities include military operations, enforced disappearances and killings. The main objective of the demonstration [...]



Zunaira Muhammad, 20, displays the injuries inflicted on her by a gang who trafficked her to Dubai for prostitution for 5 years. 15-year-old Zunaira Muhammad dreamed of becoming a software engineer but her dreams turned into a nightmare when the woman who promised to finance her education forced her into sex work. 5 years later she can barely stand as, the soles of her feet are so damaged from beatings. A laddered scar runs up Zunaira’s right leg, inflicted by the human traffickers when they attacked Zunaira’s home and pumped bullets into her leg after she escaped from their clutches with the help of her brother-in-law.

5 years ago, a neighbour, Ayesha Ashfaq, had persuaded Zunaira’s mother to let her daughter live in her house and do some housework, promising to pay for Zunaira’s studies. Instead, Ayesha Ashfaq had lured the girl to Dubai on the pretext of getting her work in a beauty parlour. On reaching Dubai, Ayesha Ashfaq had sold the girl’s body for sex. Zunaira said that Ashfaq would torture her and never let her out of her sight unless she was with a client. “My whole life is destroyed. I want to pursue my studies but cannot go to school due the stigma attached to me,” cried Zunaira.

A significant number of girls and women are trafficked from Pakistan to the Gulf for dancing jobs and sexual exploitation. Factors that facilitate this trafficking are widespread bribery of government officials in giving under-age girls travel documents, government failure to distinguish between trafficking and illegal immigration making the crime harder to identify and prosecute, police corruption, and a culture where women’s rights are not respected. “The consent of the woman is considered irrelevant, particularly when a family gives consent for a girl or woman to be taken out of Pakistan for sex,” said Farzana Bari, director of gender studies at Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad, who wants to see a tougher legislation to protect women.

2-year-old girl electrocuted to death after rape in Lahore

Police arrested a 20-year-old deaf & dumb man accused of sexually assaulting a 2-year-old girl and killing her by electrocution. According to Nishtar Colony police, the 2-year-old daughter of Amjad Pervaiz of Nishtar Colony had disappeared from outside her home on July 6, 2014. Her electrocuted body was later found on Amjad’s neighbour Maqbool’s roof. The postmortem report revealed that the baby girl had been brutally raped before being electrocuted to death. Amjad expressed suspicion about his neighbour, so the police took Maqbool for questioning. Maqbool stated that his son, Shahzad, had assaulted the child when she had been playing on the roof. Later, the murderer’s family electrocuted the girl to hide the offence. Shahzad confessed to raping and killing the girl through electrocution and leaving her body on the roof to convey the impression that she had touched electric wires.
(Lahore, 22 July, 2014)

Youth desecrates dead girl’s grave, removes shroud from her face in Gujrat:
A youth desecrated the grave of a girl a few hours after her burial at Khawaspur village in Saddar Lalamusa police precincts. The police took the youth Zaheer, belonging to the same village, into custody for investigation after lodging a case under section 297 C of the PPC on the complaint of the girl’s father, Muhammad Anwar. The police said that Zaheer had confessed to the crime. 16-year-old Farah Mubeen who had just passed her matriculation exams, had died apparently of a heart attack according to her family, and she was laid to rest in the village graveyard. The family saw a portion of the girl’s grave dug up the next morning. Although the body was in the grave, the shroud had been removed from her face. The police have started investigating the mysterious cause of the girl’s death.
(Gujrat, 27 July, 2014)

Man axes wife to death in Lahore:
A woman was axed to death by her husband Anwar over some trivial domestic issues in Qasurpura. The police arrested Anwar who confessed to killing his wife, Rehana, 48, a mother of 2, who worked as maid in the area. The police said that on the day of the murder, the couple had quarreled with each other over a domestic issue during which the man had taken an axe and had chopped his wife. SHO Amjad Hussain told reporters that the suspect in his confession had said that he was fed up with daily quarrels with his wife and had murdered his wife in a fit of rage. The police shifted the body to the morgue for autopsy and registered a case.
(Gujrat, 27 July, 2014)

Man booked for killing wife in Multan:
Gulgasht police claimed to have solved a murder case by arresting a man on the charge of killing his wife. On July 22, 2014, the police received information that a woman had been murdered by an unidentified man at Mehmood Kot in Bosan road. A case was registered on the complaint of Muhammad Maqbool. After a thorough probe, the police arrested the slain woman’s husband Allah Ditta and recovered the murder weapon from him. The police claimed that Allah Ditta had shot his wife dead during a domestic dispute over his deteriorating financial condition.
(Multan, 27 July, 2014)

Married woman attempts suicide in Gujranwala:
A married woman attempted suicide at Bhatti Mansoorwala Ghakha. Muqaddas, wife of Asghar, quarrelled with her mother-in-law over a domestic issue and then attempted suicide by setting herself ablaze. She was rushed to a hospital in a critical condition.
(Gujranwala, 27 July, 2014)

Married woman raped in Pakpattan:
A married woman was raped at Chak 27/KB. The wife of Ghulam Rasool was alone in her house when accused Muhammad Khan entered the house and raped her there. The police have registered a case.
(Pakpattan, 27 July, 2014)

Triple murder in Toba Tek Singh:
3 people, including Manzoor, his adopted son Kamran and maid Humaira were found dead in their house. Faisalabad RPO Ihsan Tufail visited Gojra and held a meeting with DPO Dr Shahzad Asif and the concerned investigation officers to discuss the triple murder case at Gojra’s Imamia colony.
(Toba Tek Singh, 27 July, 2014)

Ahmadi woman, girl killed by Pakistani Muslim mob over alleged blasphemy in Gujranwala:
3 members of the Ahmadi community and an unborn child were killed while 4 others were severely injured when an angry mob attacked and burnt 5 houses belonging to members of the Ahmadi community over alleged blasphemy. Those who died in the attack include a 55-year-old woman Bashiran, a minor girl Kainat, 7-year-old girl Hira and an unborn child who died due to suffocation. All the dead were Ahmadis, a minority community in Pakistan. The trouble started with a so called blasphemous post on Facebook, allegedly by an Ahmadi youth. Following this, a violent, protesting mob attacked and damaged 7-8 homes belonging to members of the Ahmadi community living in the vicinity.
(Gujranwala, 27 July, 2014)

Gang rape victims refuse compensation in Sukkur:
4 girl victims of gang-rape refused to receive a compensation amount of Rs 500,000 from deputy commissioner Khairpur. Sources said that Deputy Commissioner Khairpur Munawar Mitiani met the 4 young girls, Shazia, Sapna, Kainat and Asia, all of them victims of gang-rape, and tried to convince them to receive a compensation sum of Rs 500,000. The DC told them that he was approaching them on the directives of Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah. Sources said that the victim girls refused to take the compensation money stating that they only needed justice and arrest of the rapists, not blood money. The girls complained that the Khairpur Police was still reluctant to arrest the rapists even after the passage of 2 whole months. They said that if they did not not get justice, they would observe a hunger strike before the Parliament House in Islamabad.
(Sukkur, 27 July, 2014)

2 women killed in different incidents in Sukkur: 
2 women were killed in separate incidents of violence. The police said that accused Asghar had shot dead his wife Zahida in village Kandairo Mugheri over alleged illicit relations.
Another woman, Hasina, died after receiving bullet wounds in an armed clash between 2 groups in the limits of Bakhshapur.
(Sukkur, 26 July, 2014)

Man kills sister for honour in Charsadda: 
A man shot dead his sister and injured a relative in an honour-related incident in Dildar Garhi area of Charsadda. According to Tarnab police, the accused killed his sister suspecting her of compromising their family’s honour. The police registered a case on the complaint of the injured person, a relative of the accused, and started investigations.
(Charsadda, 26 July, 2014)

Policewoman, policeman killed in attack on tented post in Karachi: 
A woman police constable and a volunteer associated with the Police Qaumi Razakar were shot dead in an attack on a police complaint cell in Liaquatabad. Police officials said that gunmen on a motorbike had fired shots at the police tented post set up along the main road facing Firdous Shopping Centre, in line with security arrangements devised by the city police authorities. The firing left 32-year-old assistant sub-inspector of Police Qaumi Razakar dead on the spot and Constable Kiran Umar badly wounded. “The policewoman was shifted to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, where she died early in the morning,” said the area’s sub-divisional police officer (SDPO), DSP Wajahat Hussain. “She was posted at the Liaquatabad Women Police Station and deployed at the police complaint cell set up in the attacked roadside tent for more than a week. She was a resident of Liaquatabad No 5 and had 2 small children.”
(Karachi, 26 July, 2014)

Widow axed to death over property dispute in Okara: 
A widow was axed to death over property dispute at Shergarh. Samina Bibi, wife of Hanif, was living with her father-in-law Sher Muhammad. She had a property dispute with accused Akbar, Tufail and Safdar. On the day of the incident, the accused entered Samina’s house and axed the defenseless woman to death. Shergarh police have registered a case.
(Okara, 26 July, 2014)

3-year old gang-raped in Lahore:
A 3-year old girl was gang-raped in Green Town area of Lahore. Unidentified persons raped the girl and fled after throwing her into a green belt. She was shifted to Jinnah Hospital where her condition is stated to be critical. Another such incident had taken place last year on September 13 when several unidentified persons raped a 5-year girl and left her outside a hospital.
(Lahore, 25 July, 2014)

Phone recording reveals ‘missing’ girl was forced to marry married captor in Bisham:
The kidnapping case of a girl student, who had gone missing on July 5, 2015, and was found after contracting court marriage, took another turn as the investigators found her cellphone memory card and revealed that she had been forced to marry one of her captors. The memory card from the phone of Razia Bibi, a 3rd year student and resident of Olander village in Shangla district had recordings of the conversation between the girl and her husband, Wajid Ali. The police said that during the 16-minute conversation, Wajid Ali was heard threatening Razia Bibi that he would kill her, tear her body into pieces and set her house ablaze if she refused to marry him. The girl was heard begging Wajid Ali to let her study and not create hurdles for her but the accused threatened to make her pictures public if she didn’t agree to marry him. In the conversation, Wajid Ali claimed that nobody could harm him or hold him accountable even if he killed her as his cousins Assistant Sub-Inspectors Bakht Aleem, Fazle Elahi and Siraj, were backing him. After her abduction, Razia Bibi had appeared before the court of the Executive Magistrate in Alpuri Syed Qadir Khan and had said that she had married Wajid Ali of her own free will. But the girl’s father alleged that Wajid Ali and the other accused men had threatened his daughter into making a statement in their favour. Wajid Ali’s relatives said that he already had 2 wives and 6 children before marrying Razia Bibi. On the complaint of the girl’s father, Shangla District Police Officer Khalid Naseem suspended the 4 cops involved in the girl’s kidnapping and ordered a departmental inquiry against them.
(Bisham, 25 July, 2014)

Girl found dead inside her house in Lahore:
A 25-year-old girl was found dead in mysterious circumstances in her house in Guldasht Colony, North Cantt police jurisdiction. The girl, unidentified so far, had been given some poisonous substance which had caused her demise. The police had not registered a case till the filing of this report.
(Lahore, 25 July, 2014)

Woman abducted in Pakpsttan:
A woman was abducted from Chak Malka Hans. 3 accused including Kashif entered the house of Amanat Ali and abducted his wife. The police have registered a case.
(Pakpattan, 25 July, 2014)

Woman attempts suicide in Pakpsttan:
A woman attempted suicide at Chak Ishaqnagar. Riffat Bibi, w/o Muhammad Akram, attempted suicide by consuming poison over a domestic issue. She was rushed to DHQ Hospital.
(Pakpattan, 25 July, 2014)

Girl attempts suicide in Daska:
A girl attempted suicide by taking poisonous pills over a domestic dispute in Bombanwala police limits. The girl was rushed to a hospital.
(Daska, 25 July, 2014)

Girl’s nose cut for ending ‘relations’ in Bahawalpur:
A man cut the nose of a girl for ending illicit relations with him near Jugait Pir in Yazman Sadr police limits. Shaista of Khairpur Tamiwali allegedly had illicit relations with Shahid Baloch a few years back, which she ended. As a result, Shahid nurtured a grudge against the girl and on the day of the incident, the accused kidnapped her with the help of his accomplices and cut her nose. The police have registered a case against the accused, his brother Nawazish and their accomplice. The victim has been shifted to BVH Hospital for treatment. The victim told media persons that Shahid and his accomplices had kidnapped her when she was travelling on a bike with her mother and a relative. She alleged that the accused had also snatched Rs 5,000 and gold earrings from her. She appealed to Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif and IGP Punjab Mushtaq Sukhera to take notice of the incident and provide justice.
(Bahawalpur, 24 July, 2014)

Woman ‘poisoned to death’ by in-laws in Lahore:
A married woman was poisoned to death by her in-laws in Wahdat Colony area. The deceased was identified as Shazia, wife of Nasir Masih of Clifton Colony. Shazia, who hailed from Youhanabad, had contracted love marriage with Nasir Masih a few years back. Nasir told the police that Shazia had died of some medical complications but her parents claimed that she had been poisoned to death. The police shifted the body to the morgue for autopsy but no case was registered till filing of this report.
(Lahore, 24 July, 2014)

Young couple commit suicide in Mithi:
Mithi police found the bodies of a young couple hanging from a tree near Mughat village late in the night. Villagers said that the woman, Lachhu Kolhi, 18, had committed suicide by hanging herself from a tree over domestic issues. Her shocked husband, Jeso Kolhi, 20, had come to know about her death and had informed his family, but they had accused him of killing his wife. Failing to convince his family about his innocence, Jeso Kolhi committed suicide in the very same way that his wife had killed herself. The couple had been married for 2 years and had a 1-year-old daughter.
(Mithi, 24 July, 2014)

Female warden of Peshawar prison complains of sexual harassment, Peshawar:
A female warden at the Peshawar Central Prison accused senior jail officials of harassing women staffers and prisoners and asked the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chief minister to take notice of the humiliation of women in the prison. Speaking at a news conference at the Peshawar Press Club, Shehzadi Rabia, a female warden at the prison, said that the jail superintendent and his son were compelling her to enter into illicit relations with them. She alleged that she was transferred to the District Prison Swabi after she refused their advances. She said that other female staffers at the Peshawar Central Prison had also been disgraced but they had been intimidated by the accused men into keeping silent. “I have been compelled through various means to refrain from holding this press conference but my honour is dearer to me than my job,” she added.
(Peshawar, 24 July, 2014)

Man throws boiling oil on woman in Bahawalpur:
A woman received burns when a man threw boiling oil on her at Noorpur Pulli. Talking to newsmen, Sajida Bibi said that her 14-year-old son Ali Abbas had gone to a shop where 5 people, including Zafar Hayat, had manhandled him. When she had come to know about the incident, she and her sister had rushed to the spot and had asked the accused why they had tortured her son. This infuriated the accused men had tortured her. Jamil Shah, one of the accused, threw boiling oil on her face and she and her sister received severe burns in the attack.
(Bahawalpur, 24 July, 2014)

Man kills daughter for honour in Dera Murad Jamali:
A girl was shot dead by her father in the name of ‘honour’ in Akhundani village in Jhal Magsi district. According to Levies sources, Mohammad Omar opened fire on his daughter and fled. The girl suffered serious bullet wounds and died. No details were available about the reason for the murder. The Levies Force registered a case against Mohammad Omar.
(Dera Murad Jamali, 24 July, 2014)

2 woman of a family killed for honour in Faisalabad:
2 women of a family were killed in the name of honour at Chak 632-GB, Lundianwala. The police said that Bashir Ahmed and his nephew Mustafa had axed to death Shahbazan Bibi (sister of Ahmed) and her niece Yasmeen Akhtar over the suspicion that they had loose morals. The suspects then managed to escape after the double murder. The police have recovered the axe used for the murders and are conducting raids to arrest the suspects.
(Faisalabad, 24 July, 2014)

Newborn baby girl kidnapped in Okara:
A newborn girl was kidnapped in Fazilwala village. Aqsa Bibi had given birth to a girl 17 days back. Aslam Baig and Sabir Baig kidnapped the newborn baby and made their getaway. Chuchak police have registered a case.
(Okara, 24 July, 2014)

Girl raped, woman abducted in Pakpattan:
A girl was raped and a woman was abducted in separate incidents in Pakpattan. The daughter of Muhammad Iqbal was on her way in Chak 56-EB when accused Muhammad Asif abducted her and raped her. The police have registered a case.

Meanwhile, 4 accused including Abbas Akbar abducted the wife of Ali Raza and took away cash and gold ornaments too. The police have registered a case.
(Pakpattan, 23 July, 2014)

17-year-old girl gunned down in Chishtiabad, Islamabad:
The son of a CIA official in Islamabad gunned down a 17-year-old girl at her house in Chishtiabad (Tarnol), said the police. The victim, Samawia Arif, 17, daughter of Mohammad Arif,, was a second year student in a federal government college. Samawia Ari was alone at home in Street 3, Chishtiabad, as her father and brother had gone to a nearby mosque at around 3:30 AM. Haider Ali, son of Mazhar, living in Street 2 of the same neighbourhood, entered her house when she was offering ‘Fajr’ prayers after taking ‘Sehri’ meal. He opened fire on her in cold blood and killed her for repeatedly refusing his marriage proposal. When her father and brother returned home, the assailant had already left the house, but the dying girl told her father that the attacker was Haider Ali. Tarnol Police have taken up the case and have started investigations.
(Islamabad, 23 July, 2014)

2 women gang-raped at gunpoint in Daska:
2 women were gang-raped in separate incidents in Daska tehsil. In village Bakhapur-Motra, Riffat, a married woman, was gang-raped at gunpoint in her home by Iftikhar Ahmed and another person. Both the accused men fled after the heinous incident. Motra police have registered a case with no arrest.

In village Musalmaniyaan-Bambaanwala, Bushra Bibi’s young daughter Anam was raped in her home by a local bully, Asif alias Asu. She had been alone in her home when the accused forced his entry into her house and raped her there.
(Daska, 23 July, 2014)

Woman gunned down in Chakwal:
A woman was gunned down by unknown assailants in Latifal village, said the police. Nawab Khan told Neelah police that 2 men had knocked on the gate of his house. When his wife had gone to unlatch the gate, the 2 assilants had opened fire on her. His critically injured wife was shifted to District Headquarters Hospital Chakwal, but she died on the way. The police have started efforts to trace the killers after registering a case.
(Chakwal, 23 July, 2014)

Newly-married woman commits suicide in Rawalpindi:
A newly-married woman committed suicide by hanging herself with a dupatta at her in-law’s house in Sadiqabad. Safina, 19, had been married to Waqar Ahmed, a private university student, just one month back and was living with her in-laws. Preliminary investigation suggested that Safina had been scolded by her in-laws for talking to her parents on the phone for long hours, which had made her take her life in distress.
(Rawalpindi, 23 July, 2014)

4 newborn babies of anaemic mothers die in Thar:
Emergency has been declared in hospitals in all the talukas of Tharparkar district after Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah took notice of reports of the deaths of several children in Thar. He directed the Mirpurkhas commissioner to declare emergency in Tharparkar, suspend leave of absence of staff and ensure provision of health facilities on a war footing. A doctor told media persons on the condition of anonymity that the children’s deaths continued to occur because pregnant Thari women had become anaemic due to lack of balanced diet in the drought hit area. Claims are that unrelenting drought-like conditions and delay in rains in Thar have caused the deaths of 4 more newborn babies over the past 24 hours, raising the death toll of children to 57 in 45 days in Umerkot and Tharparkar districts.
(Umerkot, 23 July, 2014)

Bid to kidnap 7-year-old girl foiled in Multan:
Local residents of Manzoor Colony, New Multan, foiled a bid to kidnap a 7-year-old girl from their street by a veiled lady. Javeria Abbas, 7, was walking along the street when a Burqa-clad lady tried to abduct her. The girl raised a hue and cry, which made her family members, neighbours and residents of the area to come out of the houses to identify the reason for the commotion. They caught the woman and handed her over to New Multan police. Although the woman has denied the charge, the police said that an abduction case would be registered against her after investigations.
(Multan, 22 July, 2014)

Woman seriously injured in acid attack in Burewala:
3 people threw acid on a woman at Chak No 152/EB. Reportedly, Nusrat Bibi, wife of Muhammad Iqbal, had an argument with Naseem Bibi of the same area a few days ago. As a result, 3 people entered Nusrat Bibi’s house and threw acid on her face, leaving her burnt by the corrosive liquid. She was taken to THQ Burewala.
(Burewala, 22 July, 2014)

2 women raped in Pakpattan:
2 women were raped in separate incidents. The wife of Rehmat Ali was alone in her house at Mohallah Hussainpura when 4 accused including Zaman entered her house and dragged her into a room where accused Zaman raped her.

8 accused including Aziz abducted the daughter of Bashir and took her to an unknown place where accused Aziz raped her. The police have registered cases.
(Pakpattan, 22 July, 2014)

Man slits wife’s throat in Sahiwal:
A man along with his cousin and 2 other accomplices slit open his wife’s throat in village 106/7-R Harrapa late in the night. Rubina, 22, had contracted marriage with Maqsood of Khan Da Chak, Kamaliya, about 3 years back and had given birth to a girl baby 2 years after her marriage. Ashiq Ali, father of the victim Rubina, told reporters that Maqsood would often beat Rubina and she had returned to her parents’ house 2 months back after a severe thrashing by her husband. Maqsood had asked his father-in-law to send his wife back but Rubina said that she would return only if her husband gave surety that he would not beat her again. Rubina stuck to her stance although Maqsood threatened divorce. Ashiq told Harrapa police that Maqsood had barged into his house late in the night accompanied by his cousin Nadeem and 2 other accomplices and had slaughtered Rubina. Sub-Inspector/Investigation Officer Mansha said that the autopsy report had confirmed that multiple knife injuries had caused Rubina’s death.
(Sahiwal, 22 July, 2014)

Body of murdered woman found in Karachi:
The body of a woman was found near Madressah Al-Arabia in Awami Colony. The woman, identified as Farhat Zafar, aged around 30, had been shot dead. The police said that the woman had been kidnapped from somewhere else in the city, killed and her body had been disposed of in Awami Colony.
(Karachi, 22 July, 2014)

2 women wounded in Mastung acid attack:
Unknown persons threw acid on 2 women in a shopping centre in Balochistan’s Mastung district. Rauf Bareech, the District Police Officer told media persons that armed militants had thrown acid on the faces of women in Chandni road area of Mastung city. “The women were shopping in the market when acid was sprayed on their faces with a syringe”, Bareech stated adding that the assailants had sped away on their motorcycle after the attack. The injured women were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment and were shifted to Quetta’s Bolan Medical Complex Hospital due to lack of specialized burns treatment facility in Mastung.
(Mastung, 22 July, 2014)

Old couple shot dead by son-in-law in Mirpurkhas:
A man surrendered himself before the Satellite Town police after killing his father-in-law and mother-in-law over a family dispute. His wife and another woman were also wounded in the attack. The police said that Sobharo Mangrio had married Amamat 3 years back but differences had cropped up between them and the woman had returned to her parents’ house a few months ago. She had recently approached a court for divorce. On the fatal night, Mangrio had visited his in-laws living in Rahim Nagar area and had opened fire on them killing his father-in-law, Allah Bukhsh Halepota, and mother-in-law, Maryam Halepota, on the spot. His wife, Amamat, and a guest, Ms Khatija, were wounded in the attack.
(Mirpurkhas, 22 July, 2014)

20-year-old girl attempts suicide in Daska:
A 20-year-old girl attempted suicide in Saddar police limits over a domestic issue. The girl reportedly quarreled with her family members and consumed poisonous pills. When her condition started deteriorating she was shifted to hospital from where she was referred to Gujranwala in a critical condition.
(Daska, 22 July, 2014)

Young girl abducted in Chakwal:
A girl was abducted in Dhodha village in Dhuman police limits. Aslam reported to the police that his daughter had been abducted by Muhammad Ayub and his brother Muhammad Ahsan. The police have registered a case.
(Chakwal, 22 July, 2014)

2 girls abducted in Pakpattan:
2 girls were abducted in separate incidents. 3 accused including Hussain abducted the daughter of Iqbal Bibi from Qaboola Town. In the second incident, 8 accused including Ali Akbar abducted a girl. The police have registered separate cases.
(Pakpattan, 22 July, 2014)

Woman beaten up in Pakpattan:
A woman was injured over enmity at Chak Balara. 4 accused including Iqbal entered the house of Khan Muhammad and beat up his wife. The police have registered a case.
(Pakpattan, 22 July, 2014)

Tribal elders bar displaced women from collecting food aid in Bannu:
Some tribal elders in Bannu have decreed that families fleeing a military offensive should not allow women to go and collect food aid. “If any woman comes to the ration distribution area, she will be punished,” said Malik Kaleemullah, an elder from the Malik tribe. The decision was taken in Bannu by more than 40 elders on 20 July, 2014, he said. Most of the families fleeing the fighting were camping in Bannu after the military ordered the population of North Waziristan Agency (NWA) to leave ahead of an offensive aimed at the Pakistani Taliban. A day after the decree was passed, a Reuters journalist saw Kaleemullah slap several women queuing for food at the main stadium in Bannu. No one intervened and the women who were slapped left quickly, along with a dozen others. Kaleemullah then handed out leaflets telling women to stay indoors.“We, the elders of Waziristan, have decided that from now on, no woman should come to the ration distribution area. People of Waziristan should keep their women at home, otherwise, the elders of Waziristan will go to the house and give the husband appropriate punishment.” the leaflets read. There was no suggestion as to how widows or women unaccompanied by their husbands might secure aid. Since the NWA operation began, nearly a million displaced people have registered for aid.
(Bannu, 21 July, 2014)

Woman commits suicide in Karachi:
A young woman committed suicide by jumping off a building in Nazimabad. The police said that Amina Abdul Rehman, 28, had gone to the rooftop of an apartment building near Gol Market in Nazimabad No 3 after arguing with her husband and had jumped off. People from the neighbourhood saw the incident and informed the police, who shifted the body to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for medico-legal formalities.
(Karachi, 21 July, 2014)

2 women attempt suicide in Pakpattan:
Ayesha, w/o Razzaq of Chak 3-KB, attempted suicide by consuming poison after a domestic dispute.

Nazia Bibi, w/o Abdul Rehman of Chak 37-SP, also attempted suicide over a domestic issue.
(Pakpattan, 21 July, 2014)

Woman, son shot dead in Nowshera:
A woman and her son were killed when gunmen opened fire on them over a petty issue in Sherin Kotay area. Amjad reported to the police that he and his family members had been at home after offering ‘Zuhar’ prayers when Murad and Ismail had forced their entry into the house and had opened fire on them. The armed attackers had shot dead his wife and his 11-year-old son, Wajid, and had fled from the crime scene. The police registered a case and started investigations.
(Nowshera, 21 July, 2014)

Nephew kills uncle’s family in honour related incident in Peshawar:
The local police have arrested the killer of 3 members of a family, who were shot dead in Rashid Garhi, on the outskirts of Peshawar 4 days ago. The police said that Iqbal Shah, his wife Tasleema and daughter Muslima were killed in Rashid Garhi during Iftar time. The police arrested Iqbal’s nephew, Sher Ahmad, who reportedly confessed to committing the crime for honour. The police said that the accused had told investigators that his cousin, Muslima, had eloped with a stranger. She had been brought back only to elope again. He added that her parents were not ready to punish her for her crime, so he had killed the entire family.
(Peshawar, 21 July, 2014)

Unknown men throw acid on 4 women in Quetta:
At least 4 women received burn injuries when unknown men threw acid on them in Sariab. According to the police, the female victims had been near a shopping centre when unidentified men riding a motorbike had thrown acid on them and had fled from the scene. The injured women were taken to Civil Hospital for treatment.
(Quetta, 21 July, 2014)

Girl honour killed by uncle in Bhakkar:
A girl was shot dead by her uncle at Kanjan Nashaeb. Zulfiqar Joiya apparently saw his niece Parveen talking to a man on the phone, and shot the girl dead without a second thought. Kaloorkot police have registered a case.
(Bhakkar, 21 July, 2014)

Peshawar High Court released on bail youth accused of abetting rape, Peshawar:
The Peshawar High Court released on bail a youth charged with abetting his colleague in the rape of a first year girl student. A single bench of Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan issued the release order of the accused, Ibrahim. During the hearing of the bail petition, the petitioner’s lawyer submitted that his client had undeniably helped his colleague Amjad, a resident of Swabi district, to rape a first year student, but the main accused, Amjad, had married the girl and the issue had been settled between the rival parties. On this ground, the bench allowed the bail petition of the accused and directied him to submit bail bond for his release in the case.The Industrial Estate Gadoon Police Station had booked both the petitioner and Amjad in the girl’s rape case.
(Peshawar, 21 July, 2014)

Woman killed, 4 injured in Malakand firing, Batkhela:
A woman was shot dead and 4 others sustained injuries over a minor dispute in Sakhakot area in Malakand Agency, official sources said. Daud and Iqbal had exchanged harsh words over a minor issue in Sakhakot area after which the accused man, Iqbal, forcibly entered Daud’s house at Iftar time and opened fire on his family members. A woman identified as Farsia Bibi was killed on the spot while 4 others, including Daud, Sarfaraz, Masood and a passer-by sustained injuries. The injured were shifted to Dargai Hospital for treatment. The accused managed to escape after committing the crime. The Levies force lodged the complaint and started investigations.
(Batkhela, 21 July, 2014)

Girl killed, her mother injured in firing in Nowshera:
A girl was killed and 2 other persons, including a woman, sustained injuries in a firing incident over a domestic issue in Pirpiai area. Shahida Begum reported to the police that Usman, Adnan, Yousaf and Noorul Qamar had forced their entry into her house and had opened fire on her family members in which her daughter Fatima was killed and she was wounded.
(Nowshera, 20 July, 2014)

Man, woman killed in Takht Bhai:
A man and a woman were killed over an honour-related issue in Mirza Killay in the limits of Takht Bhai Police Station. Official sources said Rasool Khan had been present at the house of Jaffar Khan when Kamil Khan, Ibrahim and Adnan had opened fire on him, killing him on the spot. Later, the accused also gunned down Jaffar Khan’s wife. The police on the complaint of the deceased’s brother, Nawab Khan, registered the case against the accused and started investigations.
(Takht Bhai, 20 July, 2014)

Man accused of abducting and raping woman in Islamabad:
A man has been arrested from Bahria Town Phase IV on charges of abducting and raping a 25-year-old woman. Sources in the police department told reporters that Lohi Bher police had picked up the man, who lived in a 2-storey house with his widowed mother, brother, 3 sisters and his daughter. The victim woman, hailing from Azad Jammu and Kashmir, told the police that she had been living in a girls’ hostel in Rawalpindi for nearly 2 years and worked in the marketing department of an Islamabad-based company. The accused man, who was an engineer with a well-known construction company, had met her at a local Shisha Bar a few months back. He had promised to find her a better job with his company and had subsequently kept in touch with her. Around 2 weeks ago, the accused had called her to his house on the pretense of a job offer. When the woman had gone to his house, he had locked her up in a room in the basement of his family home where he had raped her for over 2 weeks. Eventually, she managed to escape and lodged a first information report with the police. Mohammad Ishaq, the investigation officer supervising the case, told reporters that the suspect had admitted that the woman had been “staying with him”. He said that the woman had been shifted to the Rawalpindi Darul Aman.
(Islamabad, 20 July, 2014)

Man, woman killed in name of honour in Karachi:
The police found the bullet-riddled bodies of a man and a woman inside a house in Moinabad area of Landhi. They were believed to have been gunned down for honour, said the police. Sharafi Goth police said that Naila, 22, and Azeem Khan, 30, had been killed by the girl’s brother, Musawwir Ali, in the name of honour at around 1:30 AM. The police claimed to have arrested the suspect and they seized from him a 30-bore pistol, probably used in the double murder. The bodies were shifted to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre for post-mortem examinations.
(Karachi, 20 July, 2014)

Man kills sister in Okara:
A man killed his sister for ‘honour’. Wilayat, of village 20/1AL, came to know that his married sister (B) was planning to elope with a man with whom she had developed illicit ties. Wilayat chopped off her head with a sharp-edged weapon for bringing dishonour to their family.
(Okara, 20 July, 2014)

Couple murdered for honour in Gujranwala:
Sadiq and Safia had contracted love marriage about 7 years back and they had 3 children. Shafia was found murdered inside her house at Bath Colony while Sadiq was found dead at Ludhewala. Sources said that the couple had been murdered for honour.
(Gujranwala, 20 July, 2014)

Married woman commits suicide in Chakwal :
A married woman committed suicide after taking poisonous pills over a domestic dispute in Chawali village.
(Chakwal, 20 July, 2014)

100 bonded labourers recovered from ‘torture cell’ in Hafizabad:
The police recovered 100 people, including 30 women and 25 minor children, from a bonded labour-cum-torture cell belonging to influential landlords in Kot Ladha village. Landlords Saifullah, Mushtaq Ahmad and Muhammad Asif had built a brick kiln and had also established a ‘beggar camp’ adjacent to Kot Ladha police station premises where they detained labourers for working in their brick kiln and agricultural fields. The police released the captive labourers, all of whom belonged to Rattapur Rehan tehsil, Kot Momin, district Sargodha. They also arrested the 3 accused landlords. The recovered people cried out that the accused had made them work without paying them any wages or giving them sufficient food to eat. They said that the landlords had often raped their women and had left several of them pregnant. The landlords had killed 6 people in the past when they had attempted to escape. The raid was conducted on the report lodged with the CPO Gujranwala by 16-year-old Irfan, who had escaped from confinement after his father and maternal uncle had been murdered by the landlords.
(Hafizabad, 20 July, 2014)

Hospital hands ‘mother of twins’ only one baby in Rawalpindi:
Recently widowed Sadia Adeel was happy that she would soon become the mother of twins but her happiness was shortlived when the hospital staff handed her just one child. Imtiaz Bibi, the mother of the 23-year-old Sadia, first thought that her daughter’s second baby had died. When she asked for the body, the doctors and nurses at the District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital told her that her daughter had given birth to a baby girl, not twins. Imtiaz Bibi, who works as a maid, said that the ultrasound conducted at the radiology department of the DHQ hospital showed that her daughter had twins, a girl and a boy. But after the C-section, the doctors said that Sadia had a single pregnancy and the radiology report had mistakenly showed the twins. “It is very strange. We have been visiting this hospital for the last 9 months and all the reports, including the ultrasound, had confirmed that she had twins. But after the operation, the doctors and staff declared that there were no twins and she had given birth to a girl baby,” Imtiaz Bibi told reporters, accusing that her daughter had given birth to twins but hospital staff had hidden the baby boy.
(Rawalpindi, 19 July, 2014)

Man honour kills sister-in-law in Shikarpur:
A man shot dead his sister-in-law in Kaalo Pir village suspecting that she had established illicit relations with someone in the village. Sultankot police said that Yar Mohammad Jaffari had escaped after killing his brother’s wife, Ms Hazari. The police shifted the body to a hospital and handed it over for a post-mortem examination. The SHO registered an FIR on behalf of the state against Yar Mohammad and another suspect, Rahim Bux Jaffari, on charges of murder, although none of the culprits were arrested.
(Shikarpur, 19 July, 2014)

Woman commits suicide in Larkana:
A married woman committed suicide in Larkana. Reportedly, Aisha Brohi shot herself dead with a pistol during Sehri time, over a domestic issue in village Hafiz Raza Muhamamd Brohi. Further investigations are under way.
(Larkana, 19 July, 2014)

Woman shot dead in Takht Bhai:
A woman was shot dead over a property dispute in the limits of Kharki Police Station. Official sources said that the wife of Shahi and a man, Kamal Majeed, had been on the way to hospital when Sadiq, Aizaz and Sartaj had opened fire on them. The woman had died on the spot while Kamal had sustained injuries. The injured man was shifted to a hospital in Takht Bhai where his condition was stated to be stable.
(Takht Bhai, 19 July, 2014)

Youth kills mother over a trifling matter in Nankana Sahib:
A youth killed his mother over a petty issue in Thatha Raneran. Muhammad Imran killed his mother, 50, by opening fire on her over a minor domestic issue.
(Nankana Sahib, 19 July, 2014)

12-year-old girl shot dead, 2 women injured over marriage row in Bahawalpur

A 12-year-old girl died and 2 women were injured seriously when a man opened fire in Nawabpura village near Jhangiwala, over the rejection of his marriage proposal. According to police sources, the suspect Imam Bakhsh wanted to marry Salma Bibi, daughter of Nazeeran Bibi, but Nazeeran had refused his marriage proposal. On the day of the murder, the suspect arrived at Nazeeran Bibi’s house and demanded for Nazeeran’s daughter’s hand in marriage. Nazeeran Bibi rejected the proposal yet again which made Imam Bakhsh open indiscriminate firing on the woman’s family. Nazeeran Bibi’s niece Sumera, 12, was hit by a bullet and died on the spot. Nazeeran Bibi & Salma Bibi were critically injured in the firing & were admitted in Bahawal Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur. Meanwhile, the suspect fled the crime scene. Cantonment police registered a case against Imam Bakhsh and are conducting raids for his arrest.
(Bahawalpur, 9 July, 2014)

Woman from Shangla kidnapped and forced to marry captor in Bisham:
At a time when the mystery of a girl student’s kidnapping is yet to be resolved, another woman, a mother of 3, was kidnapped and forced to marry one of her captors in Olander area in Shangla district, official sources said. Buner Gul, a resident of Dehri Olander area, told the police that Ajab Khan had kidnapped his wife Rohiya and had forced her to marry him. He alleged that his wife had been kidnapped by Ajab Khan, in connivance with his uncle Sub-Inspector Bakht Aleem Khan and Sub-Inspector Fazl-e-Elahi, who were already charged and suspended over their alleged involvement in the kidnapping of a 3rd year girl student, another resident of Dehri Olander.
(Bisham, 18 July, 2014)

Love-marriage couple seeks protection in Sahiwal:
A love-marriage couple, the girl taking refuge at the Darul Aman in Sahiwal and husband hiding at an undisclosed location, has sought help and protection from the Punjab chief minister and the regional police officer, to prevent them from being honour killed when they appear before a magistrate at the District Courts. The couple had previously tried to appear in court, but the girl’s family had forcibly prevented them from recording their statement. Mariya Bibi and Sabir Hussain told media persons that they should be provided adequate protection on the premises of the District Court so that they could safely record their statement in front of judicial magistrate Rana Aneel Arshad. Mariya Bibi (20), caste Sahoo, is a resident of village 77/5-L and her husband Sabir Hussain (24), caste Khokhar, is a resident of village 89/5-L Jahan Khan. The couple said that they had contracted court marriage in front of a judicial magistrate in Pakpattan on June 14, 2014. Sabir said that his family had accepted the marriage, but the bride’s father, Noor Ahmed, had given an application at Yousafwala police station claiming that his daughter had been kidnapped. SHO Qalbe Sajjad had called both parties on June 26, 2014, had allegedly harassed the groom’s family, and had kept his family members Umer Farooq, Yasin, Akhter and Yousaf in lock-up for 24 hours. Yousafwala police had not only registered a kidnapping FIR against him and his family, but had booked Umer Farooq, Yasin, Akhter and Yousaf under section 7/51, said Sabir. Sabir Hussain said that the girl’s parents had got a birth certificate from the secretary of the union council 80/5-L, Jahan Khan Nadra, which showed that Mariya was only 13-years-old. Investigation officer Altaf Hussain said, “The police will fully protect the couple and try to get their statement recorded with magistrate Rana Aneel Arshad”.
(Sahiwal, 18 July, 2014)

6 children killed in Hangu blast:
6 children were killed and 3 others sustained injuries in a roadside blast in Dorari Banda. Official sources said that unidentified persons had planted explosives in Hangu-Orakzai road in Dorari Banda and had triggered the explosion with a remote control. When curious children from the village rushed to the site of the blast, the terrorists exploded another bomb, leaving 6 children dead. 3 other children sustained injuries in the blast. “The bodies of the 6 children were disfigured beyond recognition,” a villager said, adding that the body parts of the victims had to be collected in sacks.The dead were identified as Shafiullah (14), Zahidullah (12), Muhammad Irshad (15), Muhammad Saad (12), Abdul Samad (14) and another teenager whose identity could not be ascertained.
(Hangu, 17 July, 2014)

Medical student held for trying to assault female patient in Quetta:
A medical student has been arrested on the charge of making an attempt to rape a patient admitted in Bolan Medial College Hospital. According to reports, a fourth-year MBBS student administered an injection to make a patient in the hospital unconscious. The accused youth then tried to sexually assault the victim, a girl in her early twenties, right inside the orthopaedic ward of the hospital. But the girl offered resistance and raised a hue and cry, drawing the attention of other patients and their attendants. The student escaped when people rushed to rescue the girl.
(Quetta, 17 July, 2014)

Swat-based couple gunned down:
A couple belonging to Swat was shot dead by unidentified motorcyclists near Memda Chowk along Bhimbher Road in the night. Bilal Khan and his wife, Zaiban Bibi, were travelling on a motorbike when they were gunned down by 2 unidentified motorcyclists who had intercepted them. The murderers then fled from the scene of the crime without any difficulty. The bodies were handed over to a nephew of the man after autopsy at Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Hospital. The young couple had contracted love marriage about a year ago and had left Swat to settle in Gujrat. The police registered a case against unidentified accused.
(Swat, 17 July, 2014)

Married woman commits suicide, another woman attempts suicide in Faisalabad:
A married woman committed suicide while another woman attempted suicide in separate incidents. In the first incident, Misbah Arif of Chak 247/GB ended her life by swallowing poisonous pills after exchanging hot words with her family. Ayesha of Sir Syed Town attempted suicide by consuming poisonous pills.
(Faisalabad, 17 July, 2014)

Man strangles wife to death in Gujranwala:
Noorul Amin strangled his wife Amina Bibi, a mother of 2 children, to death in Shaheenabad.
(Gujranwala, 17 July, 2014)

Man kills wife in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa:
A man shot dead his wife in Motibagh village in the limits of Kharki Police Station. Niaz Ali reported to the police that Sardar Ali, with the connivance of his brother Said Wali, had shot dead Sardar Ali’s wife, Raj Begum, over a domestic issue.
(Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 17 July, 2014)

Youth shoots dead aunt for honour in Malakwal:
A youth shot dead his aunt, allegedly for honour in Mauza Sajjan in Gojra police limits. Reportedly, Rukhasana Kausar had developed illicit relations with a man and she had eloped with her paramour a few days back. Local elders had convinced the errant woman to return home. On the night of the incident, her nephew Shahid shot her dead for ‘honour’ while she was sleeping.
(Malakwal, 17 July, 2014)

14-year-old girl kidnapped while visiting grandfather’s grave in Pakpattan:
A girl was kidnapped from Shaheednagar graveyard. A girl, 14, went to the grave of her grandfather with her aunt for offering Fateha when an unidentified girl came and took her outside the graveyard. 4 accused kidnapped the girl from there. The police have registered a case.
(Pakpattan, 17 July, 2014)

Woman, her sister gunned down in Lalamusa:
A man murdered his sister-in-law and her sister over a domestic issue at Karianwala. Another sister of the murder victim was also injured in the attack. Saba Tariq had gone to the house of her parents after developing differences with her in-laws. The killer, who was furious over this move, wanted Saba to return to her in-laws’ house immediately. When she refused to obey, the accused opened fire on Saba Tariq and her sisters Amreena and Nazish Bibi. Saba Tariq and Amreena died in the firing while Nazish Bibi was critically injured.
(Lalamusa, 17 July, 2014)

22-year-old girl attempts suicide in Lahore:
A 22-year-old girl, Samia of Chungi Amar Sidhu, jumped into the River Ravi over some domestic issues. She was saved by locals and the timely action of Rescue 1122 officials. She was admitted at a local hospital where she is undergoing treatment.
(Lahore, 16 July, 2014)

Rape bid foiled in Pakpattan:
A rape bid was foiled at Chak 123/EB. Accused Naik Muhammad entered a house and tried to rape a woman. When the victim raised a hue and cry, the accused fled. The police have registered a case.
(Pakpattan, 16 July, 2014)

Bailiff rescues 2 women from police custody, Gujranwala:
A bailiff of the district and sessions court raided Francessabad police post and rescued 4 people, including 2 women, and produced them in court. The judge summoned the post in charge for questioning, who informed the court that Noman and Afzal were wanted in a case. The court handed them over to the police but ordered that the 2 women, Mussarat and Nida, should be released as there was nothing against them in the police report.
(Gujranwala, 16 July, 2014)

Man shot dead, wife wounded in armed attack on their house in Mirpurkhas:
3 armed men stormed into a house and opened indiscriminate firing on a couple in Baloch Para area of Pak Colony within the remit of the Gharibabad police station. The attack left Ghulam Hussain Lashari dead and his wife, Amna Lashari, seriously wounded. While the woman was admitted in Civil Hospital for treatment, her husband’s body was handed over to his family after postmortem examination. Sources said that armed men riding a motorbike had swiftly carried out the execution style attack and had left the area without being intercepted. The incident spread panic in Pak Colony. According to the police, the motive for the attack seemed to be some family dispute. No FIR was registered immediately.
(Mirpurkhas, 16 July, 2014)

Police apply for exhumation of body of female cricketer in Multan:
The police have registered a murder case with regard to the so called ‘suicide’ of the under-19 female cricketer, Haleema Rafiq, although her parents refused to lodge a complaint. The police have also submitted an application for the exhumation of her body for autopsy. In July 2013, Haleema and 3 other girls from the Multan Cricket Club (MCC) had appeared on a TV talk show and had made allegations of sexual harassment against the chairman of the club, Maulvi Alam, a former judge. Hina Ghafoor, one of the girls who appeared with Haleema on the show, describes Haleema as a simple girl whose family subsequently did not support her during the distressful year following the broadcast. The Pakistan Cricket Board constituted an inquiry committee after the show, but the inquiry committee, most conveniently, couldn’t find enough evidence to support the accusations. All 4 women were banned from playing cricket for 6 months. On July 11, 2014, Haleema received summons to appear in a defamation suit of 20 million rupees filed by the MCC chairman Maulvi Alam against the TV channel that had broadcasted the show, and the women who had made the allegations against him. 3 days after receiving the summons, Haleema apparently committed suicide. According to her family, Haleema Rafique had gone into the bathroom and had consumed the handiest poison she could find, i.e. toilet cleaner. The media is calling her death ‘controversial’ while her family claims it is ‘suicide’.
(Multan, 16 July, 2014)

Rejection of marriage proposal leads to murder of girl in college campus in Rawalpindi:
A 22-year-old girl, student of BS (Computers) at the Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University (PMAS-AAUR) was gunned down by a male student of Comsats Institute of Information Technology, on a busy afternoon, in the university’s premises, a police spokesman said. Sarah Naveed died on the spot, while the assailant, identified as Shuaib Ismail studying in Comsats Institute of Information Technology, managed to escape from the crime scene. He was later arrested, according to the police. The police disclosed that Shuaib Ismail liked Sarah Naveed and wanted to marry her, but she did not accept his proposal. The rejected suitor deemed this refusal as an insult as he belonged to a rich family. According to eyewitnesses, on the day of her murder, Sarah Naveed had gone to the University’s IT Laboratory as usual, when Shuaib Ismail had gone close to her and had opened fire on her. The victim had fallen to the floor and had died on the spot sustaining multiple bullets to her upper torso.
(Rawalpindi, 16 July, 2014)

Mother-of-2 commits suicide in Karachi:
A mother-of-2 children ended her life by consuming poison in her house in Lyari. 30-year-old Ayesha had been upset after a quarrel with her husband, Asim, and had locked herself in a room. When Asim tried to call her out a few hours later, he had received no response, so he broke down the door and found his wife lying unconscious. She was rushed to Civil Hospital but she breathed her last on the way. Hospital officials said that her family had taken her body away without legal formalities.
(Karachi, 16 July, 2014)

Girl abducted from Faisalabad rescued in Karachi:
The Citizens Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) and Anti-Violence Crime Cell (AVCC) of the Sindh police conducted a joint raid in Rind Goth within the remit of Sachal police station, and rescued a 20-year-old girl who had been kidnapped from Faisalabad on July 2, 2014. According to the CPLC spokesman, the parents of “R” had lodged an abduction case in a police station in Millat town, Faisalabad. The matter had come to the notice of the CPLC due to the efforts taken by its chief, Ahmed Chinoy. The CPLC had involved the services of AVCC and both agencies had tracked phone calls and recordings which revealed that “R” was being held in Sachal area. A joint team of CPLC and AVCC had then conducted a raid in Rind Goth, had safely rescued the girl and had arrested the accused.
(Karachi, 16 July, 2014)

Widow commits suicide in Mardan:
A widow committed suicide for unknown reasons in the limits of Takhtbhai Police Station. Shamshad Mohammad, a resident of Ashrafabad Takhtbhai, reported to the police that his aunt, Bibi Ayesha, widow of Jan Mohammad, had ended her life by taking sleeping pills. The reason behind her suicide couldn’t be ascertained at once. The police registered a case and started investigations.
(Mardan, 15 July, 2014)

Woman gang-raped in Multan:
Unidentified people gang-raped a woman and threw her in an unconscious condition in Daulat Gate area. The police said that Razia had invited 35-year-old Nabila of Lahore and her daughter, Iqra, to stay at her house. She took the 2 visitors for medical treatment to Nishtar Hospital. While they were waiting in a car for the medical check-up, Razia had apparently given them some intoxicant to drink which made the 2 visitors unconscious. About 4-5 accused had reportedly taken the semi-conscious Nabila and her daughter to a deserted place near Daulat Gate and had raped Nabila there. Her daughter is still missing. The police have registered a case and have started investigations.
(Multan, 15 July, 2014)

2 women abducted in different incidents in Pakpattan:
2 women were abducted in different incidents. 3 accused including Imran entered a house in Chak 53-SP and abducted a woman. The abductors also took away gold ornaments and cash from the abductee’s house.

9 accused including Muzammil abducted the sister of Ayub. The police have registered separate cases.
(Pakpattan, 15 July, 2014)

Man booked for killing wife in Mithi:
A young woman, who was shot and seriously wounded by her husband in Jhanjhi village of Chhachhro tehsil, died in hospital the next day. Sikandar Jhanji, the father of the victim Neelam Janjhi, 25, told the police and the media that her husband, Fida Jhanjhi, had strong reservations about her doing a job. On the day of the killing, her husband had shot and seriously wounded Neelam Janjhi, who died soon after. The suspect was booked for the murder of his wife.
(Mithi, 15 July, 2014)

2-year-old blind girl kidnapped in Lahore:
A 2-year-old blind girl was kidnapped by an unidentified person from Data Darbar. Khizar Hayat and Shamim Bibi of Muzaffargarh had come to Lahore bringing with them their minor blind daughter for a medical checkup in Mayo Hospital, Lahore. Doctors there fixed a surgery for her in 2 days. The little girl’s parents took the baby to Data Darbar for prayer from where an unidentified woman had kidnapped her. Khizar Hayat appealed to the chief minister for the safe recovery of his minor daughter. An FIR was registered and investigations were started without any success so far.
(Lahore, 15 July, 2014)

Married woman commits suicide in Daska:
A married woman committed suicide in Daska City area. The woman ended her life by taking poisonous pills. The motive behind the incident is said to be a domestic issue as is usually the case in Pakistan.
(Daska, 14 July, 2014)

Man kills mother-in-law for running illegal maternity home in Khanewal:
According to the police, Salman of Chak 78/15-L, Mian Channu, had repeatedly asked his mother-in-law Kausar Bibi to close a maternity home that she was running illegally, but to no avail. On the day of the incident, Salman gunned down his mother-in-law for not heeding to his demand. The police have registered a case and have started investigations.
(Khanewal, 14 July, 2014)

Man injures sister-in-law, electrocutes his brother’s children to death in Gujranwala:
A man killed 3 of his brother’s children and injured his sister-in-law and 2 other children after electrocuting them over a domestic dispute in Raja village, Sadhoki. Ramzan had a domestic dispute with his brother Akbar and his wife, Sakina. The suspect had reportedly gone to his brother’s house when he was away at Rawalpindi. The accused offered intoxicated syrup to Sakina and the children and then electrocuted them. Eiman, 7, Tayyab, 5, and Mehak, 4, died on the spot, while Sakina and 2 other children, Munaza, 9, and Hasan, 2, sustained injuries. The injured were admitted to the local DHQ Hospital where their condition is stated to be critical. The suspect managed to escape after the heinous incident. Kamoki Saddar police have registered a case and have started investigations.
(Gujranwala, 14 July, 2014)

Married woman shot dead in Shafiqabad:
A married woman was shot dead in Shafiqabad police limits. According to the police, Zahid Saleem had a fight over a petty issue with his neighbours Tipu Sultan, Shahid, Khurram and others. Some time later, accused Tipu Sultan and his accomplices opened indiscriminate firing on Zahid Saleem’s house in which Asima, 21, wife of Zahid Saleem, was killed. The police removed the body to the morgue for autopsy, registered a case and arrested the main accused Tipu Sultan with the murder weapon in his possession. 2 of the nominated accused managed to escape.
(Shafiqabad, 14 July, 2014)

2 women raped in Pakpattan:
2 women were raped in separate incidents. 9 accused including Jafar entered the house of Sharifan Bibi in Chak 65-D and raped her daughter.

5 accused including Ashraf entered the house of Manzooran Bibi at Mohallah Eidgah where accused Ashraf raped her. The police have registered separate cases.
(Pakpattan, 13 July, 2014)

Another girl raped in Pakpattan:
The daughter of Shams Din was walking along when Latif and Allah Rakha abducted her. The accused took her into the cotton fields where Latif raped her. The police have registered a case.
(Pakpattan, 13 July, 2014)

13-year-old girl dies as brother’s pistol fires accidentally in Burewala:
A girl was killed when a pistol of her brother apparently went off accidentally at Chak 517/EB. Muhammad Asghar Butt was cleaning his pistol when it went off. His sister Kainat (13), was hit by the bullet and died instantly.
(Burewala, 13 July, 2014)

Couple shot dead over love marriage in Bahawalpur:
A couple was shot dead for contracting marriage of their own choice at Basti Thamanwali in Donga Bonga police limits. Kausar Bibi had tied the knot with Azam several years ago. On the day of the incident, Kausar’s brother Mudassar and 2 of Mudassar’s accomplices opened fire on the couple when they were sitting inside their house. Both of them died on the spot. The police have registered a case on the complaint of Azam’s brother Muhammad Khalid. No accused was arrested till the filing of this report.
(Bahawalpur, 13 July, 2014)

Bid to kidnap 7-year-old girl foiled in Chakwal:
A bid to kidnap a 7-year-old girl was foiled at Murid village in Sadr police limits. Tanvir Rafiq reported to the police that his 7-year-old niece Faria was on way home from a tuition centre when accused Afzal abducted her. The girl raised a hue and cry which caught the attention of locals who chased the accused and overpowered him. They recovered the girl from Afzal’s custody and handed him over to the police. A case has been registered.
(Chakwal, 12 July, 2014)

Rape victim faces death threats in Pakpattan:
5 people forcibly entered the house of a rape victim and threatened to kill her if she reported the matter to the police. The accused men including Muhammad Fayyaz, entered the house of Niamat Bibi of Chak Sheikhupur at gunpoint and hurled life threats at her. Locals gathered there and rescued the woman but the accused men ran away.
(Pakpattan, 12 July, 2014)

2 women, 2 girls kidnapped in separate incidents in Pakpattan:
2 women and as many girls were kidnapped in separate incidents. 5 people, including Muhammad Akram, came to the house of Falak Sher of Chak 37/SP when he was not in the house. The accused forcibly entered the house, kidnapped his daughter and took away gold ornaments and cash.

In another incident, Nazeer Ahmad with his wife, brother-in-law Javed, Javed’s wife and sister were going on a bike to attend the Rasm-e-Qul of Allahyar at Chak Hotta when 4 people, including Sajid kidnapped all 3 females and took away their bike too. The police have registered a case.
(Pakpattan, 12 July, 2014)

Women, men protest against police for manhandling their women in Bahawalpur:
Hundreds of women and men of Basti Sodha protested against Shehr Fareed policemen accusing them of entering their homes accompanied by men belonging to their rivals, and torturing their women after dragging them out of their houses. The protesters burnt tyres, blocked traffic for several hours and chanted slogans against the police. Anwar Bibi, Rizwana Bibi, Shahnaz Bibi and other protesters told reporters that the police along with youngsters belonging to the Bajwa family of influential landlords, had dragged their women out of their houses and had tortured them. They appealed to the CM and the IGP to take action against police highhandedness. Later, they ended their protest when the Chishtian SSP assured them that a thorough inquiry would be conducted.
(Bahawalpur, 12 July, 2014)

Mother of 3 shot dead by security guard in Lahore:
A mother of 3 was shot dead by a security guard in Nawab Town area. Victim Umaira was an employee in a local garment factory. The police said that the factory’s security guard, Shahid, had shot at and wounded the woman. She was rushed to a hospital where she succumbed to her wounds. The security guard said that he was cleaning his weapon when he accidentally pulled the trigger. The police have shifted the body to the morgue and have registered a case against the security guard.
(Lahore, 12 July, 2014)

13-year-old girl gang-raped in Vehari:
A 13-year-old girl was raped by 2 youths at Ahmedpur village in Karampur police area of Mailsi. The victim girl, the daughter of a blind man, was abducted at gunpoint by the suspects while she was on the way to a madressah. The suspects took her to an unknown place on a motorcycle and gang-raped her there. They threw her near a graveyard when she fell unconscious during the sexual molestation. A passer-by informed her family who took her to the rural health centre.
(Vehari, 12 July, 2014)

Woman honour-killed by relative in Lahore:
A woman was killed by a relative in Haier police station jurisdiction on the suspicion that she may be having illicit relations with someone. The police said that 30-year-old Ramzana, wife of Lateef belonging to Guru Dev area, had been strangled to death by her relative, Munir. The police shifted her body to a hospital for an autopsy and registered a case against the suspect on the complaint of the victim’s husband.
(Lahore, 12 July, 2014)

Man caught burying sister-in-law in Lahore:
Sanda police arrested a man while he was trying to bury the body of his sister-in-law in Shiblee Town Sanda. Acting on a tip off, the police raided a place in Shiblee Town and recovered the body of a woman identified as Shagufta, from a man, Muhammad Saleem, who claimed to be her brother-in-law. According to Muhammad Saleem, Shagufta had been travelling on a bike when her dupatta had got entangled in the rear wheel of the bike near Bhera, Sargodha. She had suffered critical injuries in the accident and she had expired in Lahore General Hospital where he had taken her for medical help. He told the police that Shagufta belonged to Multan and was living in Bhalwal with her in-laws. The police have shifted the body to the morgue and have contacted the Sargodha police to verify Saleem’s claim regarding the accident.
(Lahore, 12 July, 2014)

Youth kills sister for refusing ‘watta satta’ marriage (exchange marriage) in Pakpattan:
A youth killed his sister for refusing ‘watta satta’(exchange marriage). Muhammad Sabir, son of Ghulam Qadir Daha of Chak 20/KB, wanted to marry off his sister Mumtaz Bibi as ‘watta satta’, but she refused the proposal. As a result, Muhammad Sabir strangled his sister Mumtaz Bibi to death while they were returning home from their tube-well. She died instantly. The police have registered a case.
(Pakpattan, 11 July, 2014)

Woman killed by 3 lovers in ‘crime of passion’ in Pakpattan:
A woman was reportedly killed by her 3 lovers. Sugharan Bibi, 35, of Chak Mauza Habibe, Minchanabad, had obtained a court divorce from her first husband Noor Ahmad 3 years back and had contracted second marriage with Muhammad Akram in court. She then moved to the city and developed illicit relations with Farooq Ahmad of Mohallah Ganj Shakar Colony. She also developed illicit relations with Akram and an unknown person. Farooq Ahmad, Akram and the unknown accused killed her and locked her body inside her house. The locals informed the police when a foul smell emanated from the locked house. The police shifted the body to a morgue for autopsy and registered a case against the accused on the complaint of the victim’s brother, Imtiaz Ahmad Wattoo.
(Pakpattan, 11 July, 2014)

2 women die under ‘mysterious circumstances’ in Rawalpindi:
2 women died under mysterious circumstances at Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH), said the police. In the first incident, a woman was brought to BBH in a critical condition and she died the next day. The police believe that the woman had consumed poisonous pills, either voluntarily or by force. The woman’s husband had arrived from Qatar and had fetched his wife back from her parents’ house in Adiala Road just a day before his wife’s mysterious illness and death. The real cause of her death would be known only after the postmortem report, said a police official. The police said that on the complaint of the woman’s parents, the victim’s husband and her in-laws had been arrested on murder charges.
In another incident, a woman, a resident of Kural, seemingly committed suicide by drinking acid. The woman was brought to Benazir Bhutto Hospital where she died in the intensive care unit. According to the police, the woman had been married for 15 years and had 5 children. She had mental problems and was under treatment at a private hospital in Sadiqabad. On the day of her death, the woman had drunk a bottle of acid used to clean toilets. She died in hospital.
(Rawalpindi, 11 July, 2014)

Woman shot dead during family dispute in Peshawar:
A woman was killed and her mother wounded in a firing incident during a family dispute in Naway Killay. The police said that Ayesha had been killed and her mother Riffat wounded when their relative, identified as Shafi, had opened fire on the 2 women and then escaped. The motive of the firing was said to be a simple family dispute where a man’s pride was considered more important than 2 womens’ lives.
(Peshawar, 11 July, 2014)

Man sets wife on fire in Vehari:
A man set his wife ablaze during a domestic dispute at Pakhi Mor of Machiwal police area. Saifur Rehman, 25, a van driver, used to fight with his wife, Amina Bibi, 22, over monetary issues. On the day of the murder, Rehman had another quarrel with his wife as he was leaving for work in the morning, when she demanded for some money for household expenses. After Saifur Rehman returned home in the evening, he set his wife on fire after sprinkling kerosene on her.
(Vehari, 11 July, 2014)

Youth guns down his sister for honour in Malakwal :
A youth gunned down his sister for honour at Mauza Hambar Kalan in Qadirabad police limits. Qaisar Aman doubted that his sister Ansa had developed relations with a youth of the same locality. On the day of the incident, Qaisar shot his sister dead as a simple solution to save ‘family honour’. The police shifted the body to a hospital for autopsy after registering a case.
(Malakwal, 11 July, 2014)

2 girls raped in separate incidents in Kasur:
2 girls were raped in separate incidents. In the first incident, 11-year-old Tehmina, who was observing fast, was on her way when accused Fawad abducted her at Kot Pakka Qila. The accused took her to his house where he raped her. The accused fled when the girl raised a commotion. After the incident, the victim’s family and residents of of the minor rape victim’s village staged a demonstration. A-Division police have arrested the accused.

In the second incident, Naeem and Shakeel entered the house of Farzand in Mustafabad police limits and raped his 15-year-old daughter. The police have registered a case.
(Kasur, 11 July, 2014)

Young daughter murdered for honour by parents in Daska:
A girl was murdered for honour by her parents in Satra police limits. Nasir Mehmood and his wife doubted that their daughter had developed relations with a youth. On the day of the girl’s murder, Nasir, his wife and their son killed their daughter and buried her. The police arrested the accused, who confessed to the crime.
(Daska, 11 July, 2014)

Man critically injures wife during domestic quarrel in Daska:
A man injured his wife in a domestic violence incident in Motra police limits. Shazia and Salamat often quarreled with each other over domestic issues. On the day of the incident, Salamat injured his wife Shazia with blows of a sharp-edged weapon. She was shifted to Sialkot Civil Hospital in a critical condition.
(Daska, 11 July, 2014)

College student kidnapped in Shangla, Bisham:
A female college student was kidnapped when she was returning home after taking her exams, said her family members Munawar Khan, resident of Olander in Shangla district, appealed to the chief justice of Pakistan to help recover his daughter Razia who had been kidnapped when she was returning home after taking the BSc examination at Jehanzeb College, Swat. He said that he had no sons and wanted to educate his daughter so that she could help support his family. Munawar Khan complained that his daughter had been kidnapped by Wajid Ali, Zor Talab Khan and Saranjam Khan, in connivance with Sub-Inspector Bakht Muslim Khan, Sub- Inspector Fazl-e-Elahi and cops Yousaf Khan and Behram Khan. He asked the authorities to intensify efforts for the recovery of his daughter as her life was in danger. He said that the kidnappers were influential people, therefore, nobody was laying hands on them.
(Bisham, 11 July, 2014)

2 girls raped, 2 others kidnapped in separate incidents in Daska:
2 girls were raped and 2 others were kidnapped from different areas of Daska. In Jhang, the accused man Safdar Abbas, a resident of Chak10/3L, abducted the daughter of Mukhatar Ahmed with the connivance of Abida Bibi. The accused then raped the young girl. Ahmedpur Sial Police have registered a case.

In another incident which took place in Basti Dewan Wali in the remit of Jhang City Police, a young girl was raped. Nazia was going with her sister to buy some medicines when 7 accused including Asad, Sajid Ali, Umer Ali, Ashraf and others abducted Nazia. They took her to a house where Asad raped the young victim. Jhang City Police have registered a case against the 5 nominated accused and 3 unidentified accused.

In Daska, 2 girls were kidnapped from different places. As per details, 5 armed accused kidnapped Mubeen Bibi at gunpoint from her sister’s house at Jinnah Chowk. Daska City Police have registered a case against the 5 accused people including Ashraf, Basharat Ali, Sikandar Ali, Madeeha alias Billo and Nasreen Bibi, but there has been no arrest or recovery.

In another incident, 4 unidentified, armed accused kidnapped local labourer Muhammad Saleem’s 18-year-old daughter, Aqsa Bibi, from her house in village Othiyaan, Daska tehsil. Bambaanwala Police have registered a case.
(Jhang, Daska, 10 July, 2014)

Girl kidnapped in Lahore:
A 20-year-old girl was kidnapped by unidentified persons in Iqbal Town police area. The girl (S), daughter of Abdul Rasheed of Nelam Block, Iqbal Town, was kidnapped by some persons in a car when she was out shopping. The police have registered a case on the complaint of the abducted girl’s uncle.
(Lahore, 10 July, 2014)

Husband kills wife over ‘illicit’ ties in Chakwal:
A man killed his wife in village Bhoun in Kallar Kahar police station limits, suspecting her of having illicit ties with men. Tabarak Hussain harboured doubts that his wife Rehana Meer had developed illicit relations with other men, so he shot her with a 12-bore gun, leaving her dead on the spot.
Chakwal, 10 January, 2014)

Woman shot dead in Bahawalpur:
A woman was shot dead and 2 other women were injured over a family dispute at Nawabpura village in Abbasnagar police limits. Kober gunned down Sumaira in cold blood over a family quarrel and injured Naziran Bibi and Salma in the attack. The father and other relatives of the victims appealed to the chief minister to order the police to arrest the culprit immediately.
(Bahawalpur, 10 July, 2014)

Man commits suicide after killing beloved in Jaranwala:
A man committed suicide after killing his beloved at Chak 365/GB in Rodala Road police limits. Zafar Iqbal wanted to contract marriage with Meraj Bibi but her parents turned down his proposal. The insulted Zafar Iqbal gunned down, Meraj Bibi, the woman he loved, in a fit of rage. He then committed suicide by shooting himself. The police have registered a case and have started investigations after shifting the bodies to the Civil Hospital for autopsy.
(Jaranwala, 9 July, 2014)

Girl abducted in Daska:
A girl was abducted from Bombanwala police limits. 4 accused entered the house of Salim and abducted his daughter.
(Daska, 9 July, 2014)

3 women beaten up in Daska:
3 women were beaten up and injured over a petty issue in Satra police limits. 6 accused including Aslam entered the house of Ismail and beat up his wife, mother and sister with clubs and sticks, injuring the women severely.
(Daska, 9 July, 2014)

Man commits suicide after killing wife in Lahore:
A man gunned down his wife and later committed suicide by shooting himself in Liaqatabad area. Accused Imran and his wife Nosheen of Cooperative Society Liaqatabad, had 3 children and lived in a rented house. The police said that the accused had shot dead his wife over a domestic issue and had ended his life also in remorse by shooting himself.
(Lahore, 9 July, 2014)

Youth shoots self, beloved in Vehari:
A youth committed suicide after killing his beloved over failure in love marriage in Chak 108-WB. Reports state that 22-year-old Muazzam Ali wanted to marry Rukhsana, 18 but both families opposed the proposal. On the night of the murder, Muazzam entered the girl’s house and opened fire on the girl, killing her on the spot. Later, he shot himself in his outhouse. Mitro police have registered a case and are investigating. The bodies were handed over to the families without autopsy. The SHO said that both families had refused to a register case.
(Vehari, 8 July, 2014)

Woman’s death still a mystery in Islamabad:
Even after 2 weeks, the police have failed to determine the cause of the death of a woman who had married a man of her choice against the will of her parents. Noor Bibi, the mother of the deceased, alleged, “My daughter Farhat Bibi was murdered by her in-laws.” Farhat Bibi fell in love with Mohammad Arif of Donge village, where he owned a dry battery shop. The couple tied the knot 3 years ago but her parents never visited her saying that she had ruined their family’s honour. Mohammad Arif told Jatli police that he had been at his workplace when his father had informed him over the phone that his wife had fallen in the bathroom and had sustained head injuries. He had rushed home and had taken his injured wife to a local private hospital from where she was referred to the Holy Family Hospital, but she was pronounced dead on arrival. The police got a postmortem conducted but the postmortem report did not explain the cause of the death. “There were neither torture marks on the body nor was there any other evidence indicating foul play. However, the police are still waiting for the chemical examiner’s report to determine the cause of death,” said sub-inspector Mian Imran, who is leading the investigation.
(Islamabad, 8 July, 2014)

Young woman commits suicide in Chakwal:
A woman in her early 20s ended her life by taking poisonous pills due to domestic problems.
(Chakwal, 8 July, 2014)

13-year-old girl gang-raped in Muzaffargarh:
5 men gang-raped a minor girl in Rampur village of Tehsil Jatoi. The police claim to have arrested the suspects after the victim girl identified 3 of them. 13-year-old ‘R’ had gone to a watercourse to wash clothes, when the suspect ‘Al’ had forcibly taken her to a dyke and had raped her there. Later, his 4 accomplices had also come and gang-raped the minor girl. The next day, the suspects threw the girl outside her home and threatened her father ‘M’ with dire consequences if he reported the matter to the police. However, the girl’s father contacted the police who took the minor girl to Jatoi THQ Hospital where medico-legal examination confirmed the gang-rape.
(Muzaffargarh, 8 July, 2014)

Old woman beaten up, injured in Pakpattan:
9 people beat an old woman and broke her teeth. Amin and 8 unidentified people came to the field of their rival and started damaging his crops. When his old mother resisted, the accused beat her up and broke her teeth in the assault. The police have registered a case.
(Pakpattan, 8 July, 2014)

Man abducts his former wife & 2 children in Pakpattan:
Bashiran Bibi and her 2 children were living with her brother Riaz Ahmad of Chak 137/EB after getting divorced from her husband, Noor Ahmad. About 10 days back, Noor Ahmad and 3 unidentified accomplice,s had gone to Riaz’s house and had abducted his former wife Bashiran, along with their 2 children. Bashiran managed to escape from the custody of her ex-husband with her children and reached her brother’s house. The police have registered a case on her complaint.
(Pakpattan, 8 July, 2014)

Rs 0.5 million demanded for policewoman’s release in Bahawalpur:
The kidnappers of Constable Nabila Sajjad have demanded Rs 500,000 for her release. Constable Nabila Sajjad of Rahimyar Khan police was kidnapped by unidentified people about 4 days back, while she was returning home after duty. When contacted, police officers said that they were making intensive efforts to secure the safe release of the kidnapped lady constable.
(Bahawalpur, 8 July, 2014)

Cop arrested in Swat for chopping off wife’s nose in Mingora, Swat

A teenage girl, whose nose had been chopped off by her husband on May 16, 2014, wants the accused punished under the Qisas (retribution) laws. Shahida, 18, stated that she had been only 7-years-old when she was married to a cop, Sahibzada, in the Watta Satta custom, after his sister married her brother. Shahida vividly recalled that she was playing outside when she was asked by her mother to wear her marriage clothes. Little Shahida was then married to a violent stranger, Sahibzada. She said that she had been subjected to torture since her marriage. Her husband had broken her hand and had hanged her from ceiling fan in their house. She had gone to her parent’s home some time ago after severe abuse and had lodged a complaint with the police. When she returned to her husband’s home 20 days ago, Sahibzada had cut her nose and locked her in a room. She escaped to her parent’s home from where she was taken to hospital.
(Mingora, 2 July, 2014)

Sexual abuse of 18-month-old baby girl in Haripur:
The police arrested a man on the suspicion that he had sexually abused an 18-month-old girl child in Haripur district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The police said that the suspect had entered the victim’s house in Jagal village at about 2:30 AM , had taken the toddler into a nearby orchard and had committed the heinous offense. Investigating officer of Khalabat Township police station Safdar Khan said that the baby was still unconscious and her medical report confirmed that she had been sexually abused. Police sources said that a First Information Report had been registered on the complaint of the victim’s father and investigations were underway.
(Haripur, 8 July, 2014)

Sister-in-law stabbed to death over petty children’s quarrel in Charsadda:
Imran Khan stabbed to death his sister-in-law, a mother of 5 children, over a petty children’s quarrel in Sardaryab area in the jurisdiction of City Police Station. The police lodged a case and started investigations.
(Charsadda, 7 July, 2014)

Labourer shoots dead his wife, mother-in-law in Peshawar:
A labourer shot dead his wife and mother-in-law over a domestic issue in Urmar. The police said that Abdullah, a labourer in a brick kiln, had a clash with his wife and mother-in-law and opened fire on them. Both women were killed while his sister-in-law was wounded. The accused managed to escape from the scene of the double murders.
(Peshawar, 7 July, 2014)

Wife of Faisalabad Development Authority ex-deputy director abducted in Toba Tek Singh:
A 60-year-old woman was kidnapped by her relatives over a marriage dispute. Faisalabad Development Authority deputy director (retd) Zameer Hussain Khan reported to the police that Qasim Khan and his accomplices had come to his house at Chamra Mandi and had abducted his wife. When contacted, City Police Moharrar Muhammad Latif claimed that the police had raided the house of the accused Qasim in Kamalia, but he was absconding. The police were raiding other places to arrest the accused.
(Toba Tek Singh, 6 July, 2014)

Woman, man killed for honour in Mansehra:
A woman and a man were killed in the name of honour in Parain village. The police said that the accused and his friend had called their rival party to hold a jirga to settle a theft case. When the members of the rival group reached the appointed place, they were fired upon by the 2 accused. A woman and a man were killed in the firing. The accused escaped from the area after the attack. A man from the rival party registered an FIR with the police stating that one of the accused suspected that his sister-in-law was having illicit relations with the brother of the murdered man.
(Mansehra, 6 July, 2014)

Woman abducted in Daska:
A woman was abducted in Sadr police limits. Atif and 2 unidentified people entered the house of landlord Abdul Hannan and abducted his wife.
(Daska, 6 July, 2014)

Another man kills wife over domestic dispute in Karachi:
A husband killed his wife in their residence in Quaidabad police limits in another instance of domestic violence. Mumtaz Bibi, 35, was tortured and then strangled to death by her husband, Akthar, after an exchange of hot words in their Bilawal Colony residence situated in Majeed Colony. After the incident the husband went to the Quaidabad police station and disclosed surrendered. The police and the accused then went to the crime scene and shifted the body to JPMC for legal formalities. The deceased was a mother of 2 small children.
(Karachi, 6 July, 2014)

Girl raped in Pakpattan:
A girl was raped at Chak Luqman Meeroka in Pakpattan. The daughter of Muhammad Ismail was busy working in a field when accused Muhammad Amjad raped her. The police have registered a case.
(Pakpattan, 5 July, 2014)

Man booked for sending threatening SMSs against receiver’s sister, wife in Toba Tek Singh:
Imran Naeem of Jandiwali Masjid informed the police in an application that he had repeatedly received SMSs from a mobile phone number on his cell phone. The sender had threatened Imran Naeem stating that he had photos of his sister and wife and would upload them on Facebook. When contacted, a Kamalia city police official disclosed that the SMS records of the caller was being retrieved for investigation.
(Toba Tek Singh, 5 July, 2014)

Kidnapping of girl foiled in Lakki Marwat :
The police claimed to have arrested 2 kidnappers and recovered a young girl from their captivity an hour after she was kidnapped from Tajori town. According to a police official, Parveen Bibi of Dera Ismail Khan told police in Tajori that she and her daughter Mumtaza Bibi had gone to Paakhel Bhittani village in the frontier tribal region to condole the death of her brother, Doctor Khan. “The complainant and her daughter were in Tajori bazaar buying medicines when the accused including Gul Jamal, Muhammad Farooq and Imdadullah started beating them with the buts of their weapons,” said an official. The accused then forcibly dragged Mumtaza Bibi into their car and drove away. “On receiving information about the abduction, DPO Ismail Kharak informed law enforcers combing the border villages for outlaws,” the official added. Policemen noticed a suspicious looking car near Behramkhel village and signalled it to stop, but 2 men got off the car and started firing at the cops. The kidnappers identified as Gul Jamal and Muhammad Farooq were overpowered by the law enforcers who seized 2 AK 47 assault rifles, a pistol and bullets from them and recovered the kidnapped girl from the car.
(Lakki Marwat, 5 July, 2014)

Lahore High Court takes notice of rape, murder of 10-year-old girl & abduction of her sister in Muradabad:
The Lahore High Court Complaint Cell took notice of a press report about 2 kidnapped sisters, one of whom had been killed by the kidnapper, and directed the District & Sessions Judge Muzaffargarh to look into the matter and submit a detailed report. The police said that 2 sisters ‘Al’ and ‘Ma’, daughters of ‘Ha’, were kidnapped by their cousin from Muradabad. The family launched a search for the girls immediately. Some people spotted a body in a cotton field and informed the family and the police. A police team reached the spot and shifted the body to Muzaffargarh District Headquarters Hospital for postmortem. The medical report confirmed that the 10-year-old girl ‘Al’ had been raped and then strangled to death. The police arrested the suspect and recovered the other girl from his custody.
(Muradabad, 4 July, 2014)

2 women gunned down over ‘Karo Kari’ in Dera Murad Jamali:
3 people, 2 women among them, were killed in Kohlu and Usta Mohammad areas of Jaffarabad, said the police. “Mir Hasan opened fire with an AK-47 rifle on his wife and a man in Killi Roaz Mohammad in Kohlu area. The man and the woman received multiple bullet wounds and died,” informed the police adding that the double murder seemed to be a case of karo kari. The man who was killed was identified as Abdul Sattar Zarkoon. The murderer Mir Hasan fled from the scene after the killings. The bodies were handed over to the families of both victims after legal formalities. Investigations are in progress.

Imam Bakhsh killed his wife by strangling her in Goth Wajid Khan Umrani area of Usta Mohammad. The cause of the killing was not clear. “We are investigating the incident,” said the police, adding that the accused had escaped after killing his wife.
(Dera Murad Jamali, 4 July, 2014)

3 women attempt suicide in Larkana:
3 women attempted suicide in different parts of the district by consuming pesticides and sedatives in large quantities. Luckily, all 3 were saved by the timely medical help that they received at the Chan­dka Medical College Hospital. Farzana Shaikh, 17, who had been recently orphaned, was found unconscious near her lawyers’ chambers and was rushed to CMCH. She told reporters that she had got depressed after the death of her parents and brothers.

Waderi Bagri, 30, was brought to hospital in a semiconscious condition after she consumed insecticide after a quarrel with her husband over domestic issues. She was saved by doctors.

Zameeran Chandio, 30, consumed insecticides in an attempt to end her life in Faiz Mohammad Janveri village on the outskirts of Shahdadkot town over the insulting behaviour of her son.
(Larkana, 4 July, 2014)

Couple killed for marrying of their own free will in Nowshera:
A couple was shot dead by their relatives for marrying without the consent of their families. The police said that the couple was gunned down while fleeing in a car on GT road in Kandar area. The couple had got married 6 months back and were living in hiding since then. Nowshera Kalan police brought the bodies to the district headquarters hospital for autopsy. The girl’s father who belongs to Mardan, his 2 sons, and the 2 brothers of the deceased man were accused of killing the couple. Nowshera Kalan police have registered a case and have started investigations.
(Nowshera, 4 July, 2014)

Young man chops off wife’s leg, cuts her throat in Khar:
A young man chopped his wife with an axe over a domestic dispute in Kohi area of Barang tehisl. Officials said that Nasir Khan got furious after exchanging harsh words with his wife over a domestic issue and attacked her with an axe. He chopped off a leg and cut the throat of his wife, they said. The residents of the area rushed to the spot and took the victim to a hospital but she succumbed to her injuries before reaching the hospital. The suspect managed to escape after committing the crime. Local people said that the couple had married just 2 years ago and had a 1-year-old child.
(Khar, Bajaur Agency, 3 January, 2014)

28-year-old schoolteacher gunned down for marrying for love in Sialkot:
28-year-old Madeeha Butt, a schoolteacher by profession , had contracted love marriage against the wishes of her family a couple of months ago. On the day of the incident, Madeeha was gunned down by her cousin Shahid Butt for having the audacity to marry for love at Nangal Mirza village in Pasrur Sadr police limits. The police have registered a case and have started investigations.
(Sialkot, 3 July, 2014)

22-year-old girl abducted in Daska:
3 people abducted a 22-year-old girl from Motra police limits. Bilal, Sohail and an unidentified man, entered the house of Zafar Iqbal and abducted his daughter. The accused also took away Rs 190,000 with them. The police are investigating.
(Daska, 3 July, 2014)

Woman killed for refusing to marry a man 7 years ago in Multan:
The Cantonment police have arrested 3 people on the charge of killing a woman and kidnapping her husband and son in revenge for her refusal to marry one of the accused 7 years ago. The police have formed a committee led by Cantonment ASP Ali Mardan Khosa to investigate the matter. The police said that Mumtaz Sandhila, an influential landlord belonging to Muzaffargarh, had asked for Sumera Bibi’s hand in marriage 7 years ago, but she had refused his proposal. After 7 long years of pent up anger, Mumtaz Sandhila kidnapped Sumera, her husband Mohsin and their son in retaliation from Cantonment area a few days back. The police said that Bait Mir Hazar police had recovered Sumera’s body from Muzaffargarh Canal while her husband and son were still missing. They said that they had arrested Mumtaz Sandhila and 2 others on murder charges.
Multan, 3 January, 2014)

2 girls killed in toy bomb blast in Quetta:
2 girls were killed and a man was injured in a “toy bomb” explosion at their house in Zhob. According to the police, one of the girls was playing with the toy bomb which she had found outside the house when the bomb exploded, killing Khadija, 10, and her one-year-old sister Robina on the spot. Their relative Haider Khan sustained serious injuries in the blast.
(Quetta, 3 July, 2014)

18-year-old girl killed for honour in Toba Tek Singh:
An 18-year-old girl was killed for honour at Chak 345/JB near Gojra. According to Nawan Lahore police, Abdul Khaliq and his brother Munawar Hussain suspected that their niece Muneeza Parveen had developed illicit relations with a boy. On the night of the murder, Abdul Khaliq and Munawar had gone to the house their bother Waryam, and had axed his daughter Muneeza to death.
(Toba Tek Singh, 2 July, 2014)

Woman, child among 3 killed for not withdrawing case in Qambar, Sukkur:
3 people, including a woman and her child, were killed in Qambar. The accused Riaz Mastoi and his associates attacked Khalid Mastoi’s house in Mastoi Mohallah in Qambar-Shahdadkot with firearms. Sanam, her baby Fizza and her second cousin Khalid were killed in the firing while Shah Bibi was injured. The police said that accused Riaz had been forcing Shah Bibi to withdraw the case that she had registered against him and was trying to compel Shah Bibi to patch-up with him but she kept refusing to do so. Thereby, Riaz Mastoi had shot dead 2 sons of Shah Bibi a few months ago and had mounted an attack on Shah Bibi also with the help of accused Dado Mastoi. The police said that they were conducting raids to arrest the killers.
(Sukkur, 2 July, 2014)

13-year-old girl hammered to death by 2 uncles in Faisalabad:
2 men reportedly killed their 13-year-old niece in village 345-JB, for having a “bad character”. The police arrested the 2 men the very next day. Local sources said that the 13-year-old victim girl had been home alone on the day of her murder when her father’s brothers had gone to to his house and had seen her “in a compromising position with a local boy with whom she had illicit relations”. The boy had fled on seeing the 2 men. The enraged uncles had then attacked the girl with hammers and had killed her. The girl’s father however gave a different version to reporters. He said that his daughter had tried to run away when she had been caught redhanded with her paramour, but she had accidently ran into a door and had injured herself seriously. His brothers had been preparing to take his injured daughter to hospital when she had passed away. The father vehemently denied allegations that his brothers had killed his daughter. “I have not filed a complaint against anyone,” he said. The Nawan Lahore Station House Officer however revealed that the police had registered a case under Sections 302 and 34 (murder and complicity) of the Pakistan Penal Code on a complaint filed by the girl’s father who had told them that 2 of his brothers had used a hammer to kill his daughter for ‘honour’.
(Faisalabad, 2 July, 2014)

Girl abducted, gang-raped by 4 men in Lahore:
The victim, a resident of North Cantonment, had gone to a market with her mother when 4 men, Ahsan Mukhtar, Kamran, Imran and Rameez, came in a car and kidnapped her. They took her to a hotel where all 4 men assaulted her. Later, they threw the young victim girl on a lonely road and drove away. The police registered a case against the 4 gang-rapists and arrested them.
(Lahore, 2 July, 2014)

Gang-raped girl dies of excessive bleeding in Vehari:
A 20-year-old girl, who was abducted and gang-raped, died due to excessive bleeding in a quack’s clinic in Chak-188/EB. According to the victim’s mother, 4 influential men of the area had barged into her house and had taken away her daughter at gunpoint to some unknown place where she was gang-raped. When she fell unconscious they left her at a nearby quack’s clinic where she died because of excessive bleeding. The fake doctor, Muqadas Bibi, and her staff managed to escape before the police reached the clinic. Saddar police have registered a case against 5 accused, including the quack doctor, Muqadas Bibi, under sections 376, 338-A, and 322 of the PPC, on the complaint of the victim’s brother. An employee of DHQ Hospital, who had assisted in the autopsy, said that the initial report confirmed the rape.
(Vehari, 1 July, 2014)

‘Blind faith’ claims girl’s life in Faisalabad:
A girl who was brutally tortured by a fake spiritual healer 3 days ago at D-Type Colony breathed her last in General Hospital, Samanabad. Zeenat Bibi, a resident of Lahore’s Mughalpura area, was ill and her family sent her to her uncle’s home at Muradabad, D-Type Colony. The victim’s brother Riaz told reporters that a self-proclaimed spiritual healer, Afzal, had clubbed his sister “to rid her of so called demon possession”. The critically wounded Zeenat was shifted to the General Hospital where she died. D-Type Colony SHO said that Shahbaz Ahmad, a disciple of the suspect, had been taken into custody and raids were being conducted to arrest Afzal.
(Faisalabad, 1 July, 2014)

Girl burnt alive by suitor after her parents rejected his marriage proposal in Faisalabad:
The Faisalabad anti-terrorism court remanded an accused in police custody for 3 days for burning a girl alive,. The City police had registered a case against the accused on the complaint of Shaukat Ali, father of the victim, under sections 324, 326, 451 and 302 of the PPC for burning the girl alive after her parents rejected his marriage proposal.
(Faisalabad, 1 July, 2014)

6 members of a family including 3 women killed in mysterious blast in their house in Jamrud:
6 members of a family including 3 women were killed and 2 others sustained injuries in an explosion in Walo Mela in Jamrud tehsil of Khyber Agency. Local sources said that the explosion had taken place in the house of Sharif Gul in a mountainous area of Walo Mela. 3 persons, including Sharif Gul’s mother, wife, daughter, 2 sons Kashif and Shahzeb, his cousin Abdul Ghafoor, were killed on the spot while 2 other women sustained injuries. It could not be confirmed whether the explosion was caused by a gas cylinder or an explosive device. Despite several attempts, no official of the political administration could be contacted to confirm the nature of the blast.
(Jamrud, 1 July, 2014)

Police team constituted to arrest murderers of mother and daughter in Faisalabad:
City Police Officer (CPO) Dr Haider Ashraf has constituted a 3-member committee to arrest the suspects who had gunned down 2 women in Jaranwala the previous evening. Parveen Bibi and her 2 daughters were on their way home in a rickshaw when 3 armed suspects signalled the driver to stop near a railway crossing. The driver did not pay heed, which made the furious suspects open fire on the rickshaw before fleeing undeterred. Parveen Bibi and one of her daughters died on the spot while the rickshaw driver and the other child remained unhurt. The police registered a case under sections 302 and 392 of the Pakistan Penal Code. The CPO directed Jaranwala DSP Muhammad Akhtar, the committee head, to trace the culprits within a week.
(Faisalabad, 1 July, 2014)

Children given to mother from illegal custody of father in Lahore:
An Additional District and Sessions Court handed over 4 children to their mother after recovering them from the illegal custody of their father. Amina Batool, a resident of Defence, had filed a habeas corpus petition in court alleging that her husband Amir had kicked her out from his house after snatching her 4 children, 2 daughters Hina and Sumera and 2 sons Bilal and Yasir. She implored the court for the recovery of her children. On her plea, the court appointed the SHO concerned as bailiff. The bailiff raided Amir’s house and found all her children there. The bailiff produced the children before the court from where they were handed over to their mother.

Meanwhile, the court has also handed over 3 children to their mother, Jamila Bibi, a resident of Burki, after recovering them from the illegal detention of their father Haq Nawaz, by appointing a bailiff.
(Lahore, 1 July, 2014)

Tortured body of aged woman found in Karachi:
The tortured body of a 50-year-old woman was found in her residence in Awami Colony police limits. Shehla, 50, widow of Abdul Shakoor, was found dead in her residence at K-315, situated in Sector 53/B in Korangi area. Her sister, on discovering her body, informed the police who shifted her body to JPMC for medico-legal formalities. The MLO JPMC said that there were torture marks on her body and the cause of her death was strangulation. According to the police, the deceased who lived alone in the house, had been killed over a property dispute.
(Karachi, 1 July, 2014)

Woman killed over property dispute in Abbottabad:
Nagina Bibi was killed and her husband Farid sustained injuries when Gulzar and his son Qasim, opened fire on them over a property dispute. The injured was rushed to the District Headquarters Hospital in Abbottabad where Nagina Bibi died. The police arrested Gulzar and Qasim and started investigations.
(Abbottabad, 1 July, 2014)

Woman bricked to death by her husband in Lahore

A 30-year-old woman was bricked to death by her husband in the Sundar area. The victim was identified as Bushra, wife of Javed alias Lara, a resident of Ali Hussainabad Loharanwala Kho, Sundar. The police said that the accused Javed used to pressurize his wife, who worked in a local factory, to quit her job but she did not do so. Investigation Officer Haji Liaqat said that the murder had taken place after the victim had come home from the factory. When the victim returned from work, her husband had started quarrelling with her as usual, but this time he savagely bludgeoned his wife to death with bricks. She died on the spot while the suspect fled from the scene of the brutal murder. Later, the accused surrendered before the police and confessed to killing her. A case was registered against the accused on the complaint of the victim’s brother, Munir.
(Lahore, 1 July, 2014)