Recent Victims of Rape in Pakistan

Under the Zina law (so-called fornication law) in Pakistan, extramarital sex is punishable by public whipping or even stoning to death. If a woman is raped, she runs a high risk of being charged with zina, particularly if she becomes pregnant. In order to prove an absence of consent, however, a woman is required to provide four witnesses to the rape, a near impossible task. Women are often murdered if they are raped in Pakistan. Jamilla, a retarded 16-year old girl, was shot dead in March 1999 after she told her tribe that she had been raped. The tribal council of elders decided that she should die as she had brought shame on the tribe. The women are never given a chance to explain or to clear up possible misunderstandings. Tradition dictates only one way to restore male honour – KILL the offending woman.

Five people, including two police constables sexually assaulted a 50-year-old woman. The victim, a mother of eight, stated in the FIR that she was taken to a house owned by one Rasheed Bhutto near Zulfikar Bagh where she was subjected to gang-rape by Riaz Lashari (constable), Imdad Sangi, Tarique Junejo and Rasheed Bhutto. Another cop Zulfikar Memon was present there, she said. The victim was examined at Chandka Medical College Hospital. (19 July, 2010)

JPMC nursing student raped by Medico-Legal Officer: A third-year nursing student in the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) was found unconscious with a head injury near 96 Doctors’ Backyard Mess after a Medico-Legal Officer (MLO), Dr Jabbar Memon allegedly raped her. The “preliminary” medical examination report of the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre have confirmed that she was raped by Dr Jabbar Memon and five other men. (Karachi, 15 July, 2010)

Woman raped in Pakpattan: Wife of Allah Ditta of Chak 56-D was home alone when accused Naseer Ahmad took her to a room and subjected her to rape. (Pakpattan, 8 June, 2010)

A youth (Saeed) raped a girl (S) at gunpoint when she was alone in her house located in the Manooabad Basti on the GT Road. (Ferozewala, 6 June, 2010)

Four persons, Raja and his allies, kidnapped a girl, Sofia alias Gurya w/o Amir Awan r/o Ghaziabad, Harbanspura, on May 21 and abandoned her in a semi-naked condition, after raping her for four days near the Governor’s House on The Mall within the precincts of Race Course Police Station. (Harbanspura, 21 May, 2010)

The story of Dr Shazia Khalid, the 30-year-old doctor who was blindfolded and raped in a dark room by an army captain at the Sui gas plant in Baluchistan on the night of January 3, 2005, is almost equally harrowing. Her employers at Sui Gas tried to pressure her into remaining silent, and two company doctors even conspired to keep her drugged for two days so that incriminating evidence could be removed from her room. When she persisted in lodging a complaint, she was flown to a psychiatric hospital in Karachi so that a case could be built that she was mentally unstable. After nine days she was able to send a message to her husband, who was working in Libya; he rushed back to Pakistan. Supported by her husband, she lodged a complaint with the police: a courageous act indeed, especially because her husband’s grandfather was insisting that she commit suicide because she had “sullied” the family name. In their interrogation of her, the police insinuated that she had brought this upon herself because of her loose moral character. (January 3. 2005)

Doctor Shazia Khalid was blindfolded and raped by an army captain.

Religious groups in Pakistan strongly oppose any changes to the Hudood law, saying it protects core Islamic values.

Nazakat Bibi was raped by Irshad and his three aides in Chak No 74/5-L. (Sahiwal, 24 May, 2010)

Four people, including Yaseen, gang raped Rasulan Bibi in Thatta Bahadur Singh. (Sahiwal, 24 May, 2010)

Some unknown persons looted Rs300,000 from a house, raped a 15-year-old girl and later stabbed her to death in Rajkot within the precincts of Dhullay Police Station. (Gujranwala, 25 May, 2010)

The session court gave all the four accused, Ahsan, Subhan Sheikh, Roshan and Kaleemullah, in the Kainat Soomro rape case benefit of the doubt and acquitted them. The accused had been charged with kidnapping Kainat Soomro in January 2001 from her native village in Mehr, district Dadu, and subjecting her to gang rape. (Karachi, 6 May, 2010)