Recent Victims of Misguided “Honour”

According to Amnesty International, honour killings are the most widespread in Pakistan. A recent report by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) states that 647 women were killed in the name of “honour” in 2009, an increase of 13% from 2008 when 574 such killings were reported. Honour killing is carried out for the flimsiest of reasons whereby the honour of men in the family is perceived to have been injured. Suspicion of marital infidelity, pre-marital sex, flirting, not following codes of conduct laid down by male members of the family or even failing to serve a meal on time that can be perceived as impugning the family honour. If a woman has been branded ‘kari’ (black woman) by a ‘jirga’ (tribal assembly), her husband is entitled to kill her and her alleged lover.

While women and girls die at the hands of their husbands, fathers and brothers in Pakistan, the authorities pay lip service to their obligations to protect them. The Pakistani authorities constantly ignore honour crimes at the expense of women’s most fundamental human rights – the rights to life and freedom from torture and ill-treatment.

A man, Munir, shot dead his mother, Haleema (40), for ‘Honour’ at Muhammadi Road in Shershah locality within the jurisdiction of Shershah Police Station. The jeering of the people living in the area making allegations about her character is supposed to have made him commit the crime. (Shershah, 14 July, 2010)

Man shoots down 2 nieces for ‘honour’. Salma and Yasmin of village 47-D were shot dead by their uncle, Irshad, on charge of having illicit relations with boys. (Okara, 8 July, 2010)

Siraj, aided by his brothers, Rasheed and Mairaj, killed his wife, Zamima, and severely wounded her cousin, Usama, on suspicion of illicit relations at Patorak Village. (Mardan, 5 July, 2010)

A woman, Nusrat (30) was gunned down by her brother-in-law, Jawed Buriro, over suspicion of having illicit relations with someone in Kandhkot. (Sukkur, 4 July, 2010)

In an heinous act of killing women in the name of ‘honour’, Hussain Bux Rind killed his 21-year-old daughter, Bilqees, with the help of his sons, Mohammad Ali and Mohammad Niaz. (Larkana, 4 July, 2010)

Ali Jan Rind, killed his wife, Resham, and Mir Hassan Rind (uncle) in Asad Rind village near Mamul railway crossing on suspicion that the two were having illegitimate relationship. He also injured his cousin. (Sukkur, 1 July, 2010)

Mehar Khatoon, was gunned down by her brother, Idran Pahore, on the pretext of karo-kari in Jungal village situated in Thull police limits. (Sukkur, 30 June, 2010)

Maheen Khan Solangi killed his daughter-in-law Ms Zamiran, 28, in Ghulam Ali Solangi village near Mithiani on the pretext of karo-kari. (Naushero Feroze, 28 June, 2010)

A woman, Aminat, and Imdad Shar were gunned down in Achar Shar Village in Yaroo Loond area of Ghotki in suspicion of having illicit relations, by Khadim Hussain, the woman’s nephew, terming them Karo-Kari. (Sukkur, 27 June, 2010)

Family of Haq Nawaz had to bear the brunt of his love marriage as relatives of his wife, Gul Nisa Bibi – Jalaluddin and his sons Aurangzeb, Mohammad Jamil and Rasheed Ahmad – stormed into his house and killed his parents, Gohar Rehman, Mehr-un-Nisa, and brother Mohamamd Fiaz. (Mansehra, 22 June, 2010)

Decision to go for love marriage cost Faiz Muhammad dearly when family members of his wife shot him dead along with his father, Gohar Aman, and mother in Bari Banda village within the precincts of Shinkiari Police Station during a Jirga proceedings. (Shinkiari, 22 June, 2010)

Zahida was left with a disfigured face after an attempted honour killing.

In spite of countrywide protests the menace of karo-kari continues without respite.

Burying alive is often resorted to in karo-kari related crimes.

Wife killed over karo-kari. Munir Ahmed Gollato, shot dead his wife, Mumtaz Khatoon, within the precincts of Risadar Muhallah of Kandh Kot on the pretext of Karo-Kari. Police are yet to arrest the accused. (16 June, 2010)

A woman was shot dead by her brother Akhtiar Kurriyo and his cousin Eidal Kurriyo in the pretext of karo-kari in the village of Abdul Majeed Kurriyo. Her husband Akbar Kurriyo seems to be involved in the murder. (Khairpur, 14 June, 2010)

In a shambolic act Ghulam Mustafa, axed his 12-year-old sister, Iqra Perveen, to death when she returned after allegedly eloping with a man, in Chak 337-JB of Gojra Tehsil. (Toba Tek Singh, 12 June, 2010)

A woman, Shah Bibi, and a man, Khadim Hussain Buriro, were axed to death by Ghulam Murtaza Buriro (woman’s brother) on pretext of karo-kari in Massan Muhalla, Thull. (Sukkur, 3 June, 2010)

In dubious circumstances, a woman and a friend (26-year-old Yousuf Shah) of her husband were shot in their heads in Street 4 of Qasba Colony. Police suspect that her in-laws must have been angry over her migration to Karachi from Swat with Yousuf Shah. Her brothers-in-law managed to bring the two to their Qasba Colony home before killing them. (Karachi, 1 June, 2010)

A dispute related to karo-kari claimed three lives in village Mian Bux Shar in the Yaroo Loond area of Ghotki district. Area people said that the violence was related to a six-month-old incident wherein, the two deceased brothers, had declared their stepmother Nihalan, 55, wife of Soomro Shar, kari with deceased Sahib Dino Shar, 22. Nihalan fearing death at the hands of her stepsons had approached police for protection. Reports said that two brothers Jumo Shar and Ahmed Shar along with some others went to the house of Sahib Dino Shar and shot him dead after calling him out. An exchange of firing took place between the villagers and the accused as latter were fleeing after committing the crime. Both Jumo Shar and his brother Ahmed Shar were killed. (Sukkur, 19 May, 2010)

Mohammad Boota, killed his niece, Rehana (mother of two), on suspicion of being involved in immoral activities in Alampur village located on the bank of River Ravi. (Ferozewala, 11 May, 2010)

A couple, Ghiloo Channar and Husna Channar (25) was murdered for having a love affair. Unidentified persons shot them dead when they were leaving the Nawab Channar village near Kotdiji. (Khairpur, 9 May, 2010)

3 women were murdered for honour. A shopkeeper at Bara Meel bus stop on Jhang Road, Aslam Chaddhar, shot dead his wife, Khalida Mai, and two daughters, Sonia Mai (19) and Hina Mai (17), before torching one of his daughters, on suspicion of having loose morals at Mauza Rukanwala Village. (Khanewal, 6 May, 2010)

Yasin Sabzoi, shot and killed his teenage sister Patoli, 14, in the name of honour during her after-lunch nap in Raza Mohammad Khoso village in the limits of Tangwani police station. (Sukkur, 5 May, 2010)

A woman, recognized as, Mai Shano Khatoon, w/o Najam Din Bhangwar was gunned down by her nephew, Allauddin Bhangwar, in the name of honour in Ghous Bux Bhangwar village in the limits of Buxapur police station. Allauddin Bhangwar suspected that his aunt had developed illicit relations with a man in the area. (Sukkur, 4 May, 2010)

In another case of honour killing, a person gunned down his married daughter, Azmat Bibi (a mother of two, r/o Ameen Park), on allegations of eloping with her boyfriend, within the precincts of Shafiqabad Police Station. (Lahore, 4 May, 2010)

A love marriage couple, recognized as 25 year-old Wali Muhammad Dhahani khoso and 23 year old Haseena daughter of Latif Ali Zahri Baloch, were gunned down allegedly in the name of honour. Haseena’s first husband, Muhammad Ayub, could be involved in the crime. (Hala, 3 May, 2010)

In yet another incident of honour killings, Mumtaz Ahmed s/o Mohammad Nawaz killed his sister Allah Maafi Lo, who had eloped with her lover, in Village 15-KB in Pakpattan district, (Pakpattan, 2 May, 2010)

Even pregnant women are not exempt from honour killings. An eight-month pregnant woman, 26-year-old Fahima, was allegedly killed by her family in the name of honour. According to the victim’s husband Gul Zamin, the couple had got married against their families’ wishes and eloped from Swabi to Karachi, where they had been hiding for the last seven years in fear of their lives. (Karachi, 20 January, 2010)