29th October 2010: Pakistani Women Human Rights Organization condemns and seeks answers from the Pakistani government regarding the killing of an innocent British woman, slaughtered in public in Gujrat in Pakistan’s Punjab region.

Tania Yousaf, 22, of Nelson Lancashire, was killed on 20 May along with her parents, Mohammed and Pervez Yousaf, at a graveyard near Gujrat. Andrew Stephenson, Member of Parliament in the UK, who has taken up the case, has revealed that Qamar Abbas and Sheraz and Naveed Arif who were arrested for the murders, had “unbelievably” been granted bail. During the brutal attack, which took place during a family visit to Pakistan for a wedding, after dragging Tania from the car, the attackers made her call her husband for help on her mobile phone and killed her with him listening on the line. The sheer brutality of the murders has been reveled at Tania’s postmortem, when scores of bullets were recovered from her body. Sheraz and Naveed Arif are the brothers of a woman who had been married to the eldest son of the Yousafs, and their marital difficulties are thought to have led to the murder.

It is reported that nine other British citizens and 2 EU citizens, other than the Yousaf’s, have been killed in Pakistan since October 2009. If this is the safety record of foreign women in Pakistan, which is monitored by other countries, one shudders to think of the fate of Pakistani women.

PWHRO strongly urges the International Community to setup an International monitoring mechanism for the protection of women in Pakistan and promotion of their rights and also bring to justice the culprits in this case.