The Pakistan police have been frantically searching for women from wealthy families around 20 in numbers, who have allegedly been acting as the sponsors funding the ISIL propaganda by supplying them with monetary help along with arranging brides for their members.

Raja Umar Khattab, chief of Sindh province’s counterterrorism unit reported about this when a suspect in custody confessed that it was his wife who had formed an organisation named Al Zakira Academy to raise support and fund the terror group’s activities.

This led to an expanded search by the security officials, which has resulted in arrests of suspects whom the forces believe to have financed an attack on a bus carrying Shias that led to 44 casualties in May. The attack on the Islam minority group was the first to be claimed by ISIL inside Pakistan. The suspects are the wife and mother-in-law of Saad Aziz, one of the main accused of the Shia killings in May.